There are 47,437 infections in NJ, the 2nd state with the most cases; all parks and forests have been closed

The US is the country with the most infections


Rhoda Ruiz and her daughter Amanda apparently died of COVID-19 hours apart in New Jersey.

The updated figures total 47,437 infections and 1,504 deaths in New Jersey, the second state with the most cases in the country, although far from the leader, New York. Nationwide there are 410,970 cases and 14,214 deaths, placing The USA as the country with the most infections and the third in deaths, after Italy and Spain.

Jessica Ingaglio, a South Brunswick (NJ) resident, told NBC News after losing her mother and sister that Her father also tested positive and is being treated.

He explained that a few days after Mrs. Rhoda (70) was hospitalized and diagnosed with COVID-19, her daughter Amanda (33), who suffered diabetes, “Started getting sick and vomiting” over the weekend.

Ingaglio called 911, but paramedics later told her that Amanda had refused to go to the hospital. Was found dead in her house last Monday.

The next day, his mother passed away in the hospital, after being informed of the death of her daughter.

“The only hope I have of this is that (my mother) knew that Amanda was gone and needed to be with her daughter,” Ingaglio said.

The cause of Amanda’s death is unclear, and she had not been screened for the coronavirus like Rhoda, but Ingaglio he fears he got it from his parents.

By order of Governor Phil Murphy, As of last night, all parks and forests in New Jersey are closed until further notice.



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