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Mass vaccination against COVID-19 It formally began this Wednesday in states across the country.

With this, it is intended to protect Mexicans against the disease caused by SARS-COV-2 that, until Tuesday, claimed the lives of 135,682 people throughout the country.

We give you the details about how it has been carried out in the entities.

In the entity governed by Miguel Barbosa, first-line health personnel are inoculated in the 20 COVID units of the state.

The local Secretary of Health, José Antonio Martínez García, indicated that with the schedule provided by the federal government, the second stage of vaccination is expected to begin in February, focused on people over 60 years of age and teaching staff.

He also commented that, since the pandemic began in March of last year and to this day, 101 doctors and 21 nurses have died from this condition.

In the state, personnel from the COVID area of ​​hospitals and clinics are also injected. The first doses were applied at the ‘Agustín O’Horán’ Hospital and the ISSSTE High Specialty Regional Hospital in Mérida.

Before the governor of the entity, Mauricio Vila Dosal, the nurse Maria Andrea Ventura Cauich, was the first Yucatecan to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

She works in the COVID area of ​​’Agustín O’Horán’ since the pandemic began, even though she had the possibility of being absent with an official license due to chronic diseases, to which she declined.

The second to be vaccinated with the formula Pfizer-BioNTech It was the nurse Pedro Pablo Chel Yah, who also from the beginning of this pandemic is in the front line of battle.

“We are carrying out this process in coordination with the authorities of the Federal Government and the Armed Forces so that it is in order and in an efficient manner”, stressed Vila Dosal.

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Yucatán.The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Yucatán Courtesy

In Zacatecan territory, the vaccines were distributed in the 12 hospitals of the Acute Respiratory Infection network, in order to vaccinate those who are on the front line to care for patients with SARS-COV-2.

The first doses will be enough to cover just over half of the workers in the Health sector.

More than 14,200 doses of the injections made by Pfizer arrived in this state, said Governor Adán Augusto López.

The inoculation began in the early hours of the day and it is expected that approximately 8 thousand workers from ten Tabasco hospitals will be protected.

López estimated that, by the end of the year, between 60 and 70 percent of the state’s population had already been vaccinated and asked for patience as this process progresses.

Almost simultaneously, 18 state hospitals began the first phase of vaccination against COVID-19. The first on the ‘list’ are doctors, male and female nurses, as well as interns and undergraduate interns, who care for the population with this condition.

On behalf of Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González, the State Secretary of Health, José Luis González Pinzón, witnessed the start of this campaign. In this phase, 4,875 doses will be applied.

The governor of the state, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, gave the official ‘flag’ to the application of vaccines against SARS-COV-2.

The injections will be for each and every front line health sector workers, who help patients with this disease, located in the 12 Serious Acute Respiratory Infections hospitals.

The event began at the Morelense Children’s Hospital, where Blanco recognized the work of the staff and called on the population to continue taking care of themselves.

This is how the vaccination campaign against COVID took place in Morelos.This is how the vaccination campaign against COVID was carried out in Morelos Courtesy

The first health professional to be vaccinated in Jalisco is David Díaz Santana Bustamante, a doctor at the Hospital General de Occidente (HGO) for 39 years. He is currently the head of Epidemiology and works in the COVID area.

Despite his age (66 years), he did not withdraw due to the pandemic. “Only the sting is what you feel, a sensation due to the temperature of the vaccine that is between two and eight degrees. The application of the vaccine is a non-painful sensation, but the presence of the biological agent is felt within the muscle “

He assured that it is a tool to give peace of mind to his family and him, because after the second dose that must be applied in 21 days, they will have an immunity of 95 percent.

Another person who led the inoculations is the 33-year-old doctor Melissa Zapiaín, who entered work just when the pandemic began, and was assigned to the COVID area.

After the application of the vaccine, each person to whom it is applied must be observed for 30 minutes to know if there will be any secondary reaction. If necessary, the HGO has trained personnel and special areas for immediate attention.

The application of vaccines is monitored by the National Guard and the Mexican Army to guarantee that there are no cases of influentialism, said the Secretary of Health of Jalisco, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, who stressed that no politician will be inoculated in this first stage.

In Jalisco, 19,500 doses were delivered, enough for 85 percent of the medical personnel in the first line of care, and they will have been applied before the weekend.

More doses are expected to arrive on Tuesday next week to continue with the other 17 COVID hospitals, public and private.

In the state, 16,500 vaccines against COVID were received for Health personnel who are responsible for caring for patients with this disease.

The biologicals that arrived in the first shipment to Tamaulipas are divided as follows: 14,625 doses for health personnel of federal institutions and 4,875 for state hospitals, of which there is already a registry.

It is estimated that this coming Friday the application of the first dose of the injection will end, said the Secretary of State Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa, who explained that, according to the schedule, from February they will start with people over 60 years.

The application of the vaccine is carried out to personnel from seven state COVID hospitals, seven from the IMSS, another seven from the ISSSTE, in addition to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty and a naval hospital.

The distribution of the doses for mass vaccination was made on Tuesday in eight routes, which were:

Route 1: Hermosillo-Tijuana-La Paz

Route 2: Chihuahua-Torreón-Apodaca

Route 3: Mérida-Cancun-Chetumal-Campeche

Route 4: León-San Luis Potosí-Zacatecas-Durango-Culiacán-Tepic

Route 5: Morelia-Colima-Zapopan-Aguascalientes

Route 6: Veracruz-Oaxaca-Tuxtla Gutiérrez-Villahermosa

Route 7: Chilpancingo-Acapulco-Zihuatanejo

Route 8: Tampico-Ciudad Victoria-Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo

With information from Erick Almanza; Yoisi Moguel; Isaías León; M. Albert Hernández; Lourdes Alonzo; Verónica Bacaz, Juan Carlos Huerta and Perla Reséndez.

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