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Umineko When They Cry is arguably one of the best horror manga series according to the MyAnimeList database, as well as a wonderful successor to Ryukisi07’s Higurashi When They Cry franchise. Even though Umineko’s anime adaptation has its flaws, fans are noticing big changes in Higurashi’s « 2020 remake », which points to a stronger connection with Umineko.

Regardless, Umineko is a much-loved franchise and contains rich dialogue, cutscenes, and twists that will intrigue any fan of mysteries. However, what the franchise sells to most people is Umineko’s mysterious and lovable cast of characters.

10 Kyrie Ushiromiya

Kyrie Ushiromiya may seem like a peaceful and empathetic individual at first glance, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty if someone gets in the way of her husband, Rudolf Ushiromiya. Having a relationship that could rival the most toxic anime couples in history, Kyrie’s obsession with her husband runs deep, as she was willing to use her children as tools to get closer to Kyrie.

Aside from his horrible actions, Kyrie is very cunning, intelligent and analytical when placed in certain situations. To some extent, fans can find some inner connection and understanding with his character when it comes to jealousy and desires to be loved.

9 EVA-Beatrice

EVA-Beatrice is the witch and the youngest manifestation of Eva Ushiromiya after she attains the powers of the golden witch Beatrice. Not only does EVA-Beatrice win over Eva’s youth, but Eva’s self-centered, manic, and spoiled personality is implemented in EVA-Beatrice. Thus, like many of the most powerful anime villains of all time, EVA-Beatrice enjoys killing and injuring people when she sees fit.

EVA-Beatrice also serves to satisfy Eva Ushiromiya’s goals, creating brutal death scenarios that involve people that Eva truly despises, such as Rosa Ushiromiya. However, she is one of the cruelest witches ever seen in the franchise.

8 Eva Ushiromiya

Unlike her witch counterpart, Eva Ushiromiya is a very confident, hard-working, opportunistic person who does her best to stand out among her family members. Eva is also a manipulative person and was even willing to exploit her father Kinzo to regain the Ushiromiya family last name when she got married.

Although she commits some heinous actions towards her relatives, Eva is very proud of her family’s estate and feels that she should be the rightful heir to his administration. Perhaps if she had the powers of her witch counterpart, Vegeta from DBZ would be willing to join her as they share the same pride trait.

7 Kanon

Although he is only a servant to one of the Ushiromiya member’s daughters, Kanon makes sure to stay true to himself and to protect the individual to whom he has been assigned at all costs. Although he is not very talkative and may seem a bit fragile at first glance, he is much more serious in the line of duty compared to his carefree and outspoken sister, Shannon.

An example of this severe behavior is shown when he sees his sister cuddling with her master’s brother, George Ushiromiya. Shannon’s love for George also makes Kanon uncomfortable because he has feelings for an Ushiromiya, which is Jessica.

6 Lambdadelta

Arguably one of the strongest among Umineko’s When They Cry witches is the Witch of Certainty herself, Lambdadelta, who, like the rest, is just as cruel, if not scarier, when it comes to people who get in the way. his path. With the power to create black holes and sweet bombs, Lambdadelta is among the most powerful wizards in anime.

Although Lambdadelta can be a tough individual with people, he has a soft spot for individuals such as his interest in the love of witches, Bernkastel, and their servants. She is also quite brave, as she was even willing to fight in the visual novel against an insanely powerful being to protect her Mikos in the visual novel.

5 Ange Ushiromiya

When she was younger, Ange Ushiromiya was known to be an upbeat and optimistic person who loved her family and her brother, the wrestler Ushiromiya, despite not spending much time with him. Although life was great for Ange, she was heading down a path of stress, loneliness and sadness when she learned of the tragedy in Rokkenjima, where most of her family had died in addition to Eva.

Although Ange goes through much confusion and more manipulation at the hands of the Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel, by the end of Umineko’s original visual novel When They Cry, becomes a powerful and much-loved character.

4 Maria Ushiromiya

Maria Ushiromiya is the character who acts the most like a boy among the entire Ushiromiya family, although she is actually a girl, to be fair. Although at first glance she seems adorable, Maria carries with her a story full of torture and abuse at the hands of her mother, Rosa Ushiromiya.

Not only is he a victim of physical abuse, but his fascination with witches and magic is despised by others for being mere imagination. In that sense, Maria’s belief in magic runs so deep that she often undergoes a horrifying personality change that would place her among the scariest children in anime history.

3 Frederica Bernkastel

Frederica Bernkastel, along with her friend Lambdadelta, is known to be one of the most powerful witches in Umineko When They Cry. Although she appears laid-back and polite, Bernkastel has a darker personality that reflects her many years of cruelty and torture. In that sense, Bernkastel has no problem torturing and manipulating people who consider her an ally.

This personality trait is greatly emphasized in Bernkastel’s treatment of a character who appears after the events of the anime’s ending. Bernkastel’s power to control time-based shards and use them for defensive or offensive purposes is one of many abilities she possesses to show why she is a non-playing witch.

2 Battler Ushiromiya

The feisty Ushiromiya is a kind and intelligent individual within the Ushiromiya family. Unlike his cousin Maria, Battler is a firm believer in magic that doesn’t exist and often argues with her about it. Not only is Battler a skeptical individual, but he often behaves inappropriately around his cousin Jessica, as well as other girls.

Despite being a smart but foolish person, Battler respects most of his family, causing him to judge his stance on magic when he had to choose a guilty murderer among his family by enduring a game with the evil witch, Beatrice.

1 Beatrice

Beatrice is an evil, psychotic witch who loves to murder and harm people for her fun. His reactions to such actions always end with his maniacal laugh and creepy smile. However, after the events of the anime, Beatrice’s personality begins to open up, revealing that the evil witch has a soft and gentle side.

However, like the other Umineko witches, Beatrice has deadly but intriguing powers. He can kill, resurrect and repair objects, as well as receiving intense training from his teacher, Virgilia. These abilities, along with her personality, make it clear why she is MyAnimeList’s most favorite Umineko character.

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