10 important things to know about AirPods Max

Apple announced yesterday the AirPods Max, a new generation of its headphones aimed at those who want a very loud sound experience. They are not headphones for everyone, they are a kind of Mac Pro from the AirPods range.

AirPods Max
AirPods Max in pink

So that you know a little better the AirPods Max we have gathered what we consider the Top 10 things you should know about them, many of them make them unique.

Of course, AirPods Max inherit many functions from AirPods, such as automatic connection between all Apple devices or motion detection to know when you are wearing them. But there are other important functions of these new AirPods Max.

Summary of the AirPods Max in 10 key points

The AirPods Max have active sound cancellation and an ambient sound mode similar to the AirPods Pro, they include numerous sensors and microphones, but there are other functions that you may have overlooked and should be aware of.

The AirPods Max are not lightweight headphones

The AirPods Max weigh 384.8 grams, so they are not exactly light. Being made with stainless steel, the weight is resented in a similar way as it happens in the iPhone 12 Pro, which weighs much more than the iPhone 12 despite having the same dimensions.

Others competitor headphones are noticeably lighterFor example, the Beats Studio3 weigh 260 grams and the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 weigh about 310 grams. Although these are made mostly of plastic.

They include a special cover

Like his little brothers, AirPods Max also have a case, but in this case we don’t have a charging case. A Smart Case is included in the AirPods Max box, which has some extra functions in addition to protecting the headphones.

AirPods Max case
Smart Case included in the AirPods Max box

As Apple describes, when you store the AirPods Max in the Smart Case, they are put into ultra low power mode to save battery. When removed from the case, this mode changes automatically.

They have a Digital Crown like the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch includes a Digital Crown, or Digital Crown, from its inception. This is a key element of the device that allows us to perform various controls without touching the screen. In the AirPods Max we also have this element, which allows you to make numerous adjustments:

  • Rotate to control the volume.
  • Press once to play audio, pause it, or answer a call.
  • Press twice to skip song.
  • Press three times to rewind song.
  • Hold to activate Siri.
AirPods Max digital crown
The Digital Crown of the AirPods Max

They do not have the ultra-wideband U1 chip

It is something quite extra, but these AirPods Max do not include the U1 ultra-wideband chip. This small and efficient chip is available in other devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch, and allows us to locate them much faster from the Search app.

5 colors available

The regular and Pro AirPods have only been available in white since launch, but the AirPods Max have arrived in 5 different tones, exactly the same as the iPad Air. This may be a novelty of the future AirPods 3 that we will see next year. These are the available colors:

  • Space gray.
  • Silver.
  • Green.
  • Pink.
  • Sky Blue.
AirPods Max Colors
AirPods Max colors

No power adapter in the box

It will become a habit. In the AirPods Max box you won’t see any wall charger. This is something that already happens in the rest of the AirPods, and recently in the iPhone.

Although here it is true that it may make sense, Whoever is going to buy AirPods Max probably already has an iPhone or an iPad and, therefore, a charger compatible with the Lightning port of these AirPods Max.

The pads are interchangeable

The ear pads of the AirPods Max are interchangeable as are attached by magnets to the body of the device. Even in the Apple Store spare parts are sold for 79 euros, they can be a form of customization to exchange them with different colors.

AirPods Max exploded
The components of the AirPods Max

AirPods Max have fast charging

AirPods Max does not include a charger, but they do support fast charging. Apple does not specify the wall charger used, but ensures that with a charge of only 5 minutes you will get an autonomy of an hour and a half. The general autonomy exceeds 20 hours with active noise cancellation.

All Bluetooth enabled devices are supported

As with the rest of the AirPods range, the Max are compatible with any Bluetooth device thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Of course, you will lose some options such as immediate connection or the ability to see the battery percentage.

AirPods Max and iPhone
AirPods Max and iPhone

You can listen to them on a device with a 3.5 jack

If you have a player with a 3.5 mm jack, you should know that you can use the AirPods Max with it. Yes, you will need a Lightning connector to 3.5mm audio jack cable, or a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. Apple sells the cable for 39 euros in its Apple Store.

Now you know better the AirPods Max, the new Apple headphones that only fit certain pockets. We’ll see if the rumored Sport version makes these types of AirPods more accessible.

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