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Although it may be a classic anime that time has forgotten, Zatch Bell was a beloved anime for fans who grew up in the 2000s. It mixed the classic Shonen battle manga formula that everyone has become accustomed to with a theme. similar to Pokémon.

Many may wonder what made this anime a great one among the shows that aired alongside it like, Naruto and Bleach. Some remember him for his intriguing spells, while most believe him to be the mammal that best defined the show. Therefore, it is important to realize who is the most favorite among the cast.

10 vicent bari (member favorites: 10)

Vincent Bari may look like a buffoon, but his appearance shouldn’t fool people, as his passion for fighting on the show defines his personality. Although Bari may not measure up to some of the villains seen in anime today, his motivation to fight strong opponents to be more powerful could give him the go-ahead of one of Shonen Jump’s strongest heroes as Goku.

Regardless, Bari and his partner Gustav were a major threat to Zatch and Kiyo early in the series, and it is fortunate for Zatch that Bari did not burn his spell book during their first match.

9 wonrei (member favorites: 15)

Wonrei was an ally that Zatch and Kiyo depended on for the first half of Zatch Bell and he was a noble and caring fighter to the end. Although he is not among the best martial artists in anime history, his fighting spirit alongside his partner Li-en should not be overlooked.

In that regard, Wonrei and Li-en’s bond with each other deepened with fans, as it was revealed early on that she has feelings for the mamodo – giving fans an intriguing romantic dynamic in the series.

8 Laila (member favorites: 19)

Laila and her partner Albert were a mysterious couple in Zatch Bell, especially since Laila was among the former mamodo who was resurrected to serve the villain mamodo Zofis during the « Old Mamodo » series story arc. Although she was supposed to be an obstacle to Zatch and his friends during the series arc, Laila eventually switched sides, which is evidenced by her decision to stop the evil mamodo Demolt alongside Zatch and his friends.

Although it’s a shame, Laila doesn’t stay much longer in the series. At least he received a more peaceful farewell than the other mammals Zatch encounters in his search.

7 Victoream (member favorites: 21)

Among the more comical mammals depicted in Zatch Bell, Victoream, like Laila, was an ancient mamodo who was resurrected from the previous mammal battle to serve the Zofis. While not among the most powerful characters in other animated comedies, Victoream was a force to be reckoned with despite having a melon fetish that would make perfect meme material for fans today.

In that sense, Victoream was not the brightest of the group, as Kanchome successfully tricked him into thinking that his partner was Kanchome in disguise. Regardless, the hilarious facial expressions and humor of this hot melon lover were top-notch.

6 kanchome (member favorites: 42)

Kanchome and his partner Folgore may not rank high according to the MyAnimeList database, but their joint chemistry defined Shonen Jump’s emphasis on close friendships and humor. From the uplifting chant of Iron Man Fol gore to the hilariously hilarious feminine fetish theme of Folgore, fans always expected to get a big laugh from these two when they appeared on a new episode of Zatch Bell.

Although these two were seen primarily as the laughingstock of the cast, they had the strength and will to battle some of the toughest antagonists in Zatch Bell history, such as Victoream and Belgium EO.

5 aunt (member favorites: 42)

Tia is a tomboyish girl, strong-willed and – in some cases – the main female lead in Zatch Bell. Although she may seem like a noisy girl at first, she has a caring and caring personality and is willing to do whatever it takes to tend to the needs of her peers, be it her partner, Megumi, Zatch, or anyone else.

What makes Tia stand out among her peers was her pleasant but easily turned into a toxic friendship with the mamodo Maruss – who was willing to burn Tia’s spellbook for her cruel but understandable morals. Fortunately, he found a best friend in Zatch, whom he secretly loved.

4 zeno bell (member favorites: 64)

Zeno Bell is possibly the main villain in most of Zatch Bell and is responsible for erasing Zatch’s memories. He is cruel, psychotic and evil and hates his younger twin brother Zatch simply because he led an easier life compared to Zeno’s non-stop training regimens and achieved his father’s « bao » power.

Regardless of Zatch’s benefits, Zeno was not a mammal to be taken lightly, as he was able to defeat many powerful mammals like Zatch’s friend Rops, whom Zatch highly respected. Fortunately, Zatch managed to redeem his friend’s death and successfully sent his evil brother back to the world of mammals.

3 brago (member favorites: 98)

Brago appears as a goth teenager with a strong antisocial attitude and is cited as a powerful but cool mamodo among those who come across him. In that sense, Brago does not approve of the mamodo hiding before him and hates weak-minded opponents. Despite Brago’s abrupt demeanor, he does indicate some caring qualities when it comes to his partner, Sherry, as he praises her for her help in achieving his goals.

However, Brago is a menacing rival to Zatch and his friends and has shown that he can defeat powerful mammals or creatures without Sherry’s help when it comes to spells. This note alone makes his ranking among fans feel accurate.

2 ponygon (member favorites: 105)

Ponygon is arguably one of the cutest mammals in the cast, with his hilarious personality and adorable looks. Although Ponygon may seem like this, he has a brutal history and wishes to get revenge on the human-looking mamodo for treating his family’s tribe like slaves. However, Ponygon made up for her hatred of the human mammoth when she met Zatch and realized that not all human mammoths act the same way.

However, Ponygon is not easy to fight, as seen in his battle against the ancient mamodo along with his partner Sunbean and his companions.

1 zatch bell (member favorites: 549)

Although the anime shares the same name as this mamodo, and his memory is completely erased due to the actions of his brother Zeno, Zatch is not a mamodo to take lightly. Perfecting the power of his father’s « Bao », Zatch can be a tough opponent to take down whenever he is pushed to his limit and will do whatever it takes to protect his teammates.

Regardless of his fighting prowess, Zatch is known to be a caring, hilarious, and caring mammal, and this is highly emphasized in his goal to be the caring king of the mammal world.

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