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Many anime series are capable of evolving and surviving the test of time, but the journey that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has taken is truly exceptional. The series creatively finds a way to turn its story into the generational adventures of the Joestar family and has allowed the characters to age and focus to shift perspectives in ways that many series often fail to consider. All of this has helped JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to become one of the most fascinating Shonen manga series of the last decades.

The eighth part of the series, JoJolion, has been running for almost a decade and is perhaps the best emblem of the changes that JoJo has undergone over time. JoJolion is still an exciting storytelling, but it has also developed significantly since its inception.

10 Josuke’s amnesia is no longer his priority

JoJolion covers a ton of territory, but the first big story that really drives Josuke is that he wakes up with no memory of who he is. Josuke’s search for his identity and why his body has strange abnormalities becomes an important piece of the great JoJolion puzzle.

It takes some time, but after Josuke is indoctrinated into the Higashkita family, he learns that he is the combined body of Josefumi Kujo and the notorious Yoshikage Kira, through the magic of the transferable properties of the Rokakaka fruit. Overcoming this identity crisis helps Josuke focus as he moves forward.

9 No Longer a Hunt for Rokakaka’s Fruit

Many of the different chapters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are long and JoJolion has turned out to be the longest yet. It is natural for the focus of the series to change and evolve and while the mighty Rokakaka are still important, they are no longer the mystery they once were.

At the same time, the amount of Rokakaka’s fruit has decreased. It was something that everyone was looking for for a long time and hoped to reap, but things have progressed beyond this point now.

8 stone formations and equivalent exchange now make sense

Part of what makes JoJolion so interesting and uniquely energetic in contrast to the other chapters is that it becomes a mystery on many points. Early in the story, there are many strange and disparate elements that make no sense, such as massive earthquakes, the stone structures known as Wall Eyes, as well as the corresponding Humans of the Rock, an alternate take on JoJo’s earlier concept of the Pilar Men.

JoJolion has slowly answered these questions and moved past them, while continuing to build on its foundations with its new material.

7 It has been brought in part 7 of the return

One of the biggest events in JoJo’s bizarre adventure is when the ending of Part 6 of Stone Ocean creates a new timeline that is followed in subsequent parts. Part 7 introduces a concept for Johnny Joestar known as The Spin, which acts as a parallel to the ideas in the first few chapters of Jo Jo.

It has been very exciting to learn that The Twist can also be present in JoJolion after Josuke seems to use it with the bubbles from his Stand to help hurt Wonder of U. It is very satisfying to see these stories connect and where it can all go. .

6 The identity of the chief physician is no longer a mystery

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can sometimes seem like it’s dragging out certain stories, but other events deserve a lot of build-up. A lot of time is spent in Josuke and company attempts to find out the identity of the hospital’s chief physician, who appears to be the biggest villain.

All they know is that his name is Satoru Akefu and that he is 89 years old. The group learns the truth about the head doctor, which is that he is actually Tooru’s Stand, Wonder of U. This seriously changes their plan of attack on what to do against the « head doctor ».

5 the biggest villain has changed

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series that beautifully balances the basic elements of episodic and serial storytelling and allows different chapters to cover many villains of various levels of severity. The antagonists designated when JoJolion begins are a group known as the Rokakaka Smuggling Organization, consisting of five villains who take on the Higashkita family.

Next, the Rokakaka Research Organization steps in like the bad guys, which is made up of people who want to make rock humans the world’s dominant species. This includes Tooru’s Stand, the Wonder of U, who is the current great villain.

4 Features more of the Higashkita family

JoJolion starts off with Josuke as a stranger until he is accepted by the Higashkita family. Josuke’s interaction initially begins with Norisuke, the head of the Higashkita family, but JoJolion introduces more and more members to this great family.

Just when it seems like everyone has shown up, there will be new siblings sneaking into Norisuke’s house or ex-wives who want to meddle. Right now, there have been eight separate Higashkita members, not including Josuke, and it wouldn’t even be a surprise if there are more hiding in the woodwork.

3 Tooru’s relationship with Yasuho

JoJolion deals with many characters, but Yasuho becomes an important presence due to his affection for Josuke, but Tooru is a much more enigmatic personality. As the series has progressed, Tooru’s obsession with Yasuho continues to reveal itself.

Tooru has taken a romantic interest in Yasuho, but more recent chapters have shown that Tooru has been following Yasuho since she was a child and has taken advantage of the abilities of her position. The full scope of this situation has not been disclosed, but it continues to unfold.

2 new characters have supports

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has established the convenient rule that Stand users are seemingly attracted to each other and attracted to each other. This is certainly the JoJolion cast and while Booth ownership is not inherently hereditary, it turns out that basically the entire Higashkita family owns Booths.

One could assume this, but it is never clear until new members of the family progressively reveal that they have a Stand at their disposal. The same is true for other supporting characters like Yasuho and Tooru and with JoJolion it is safe to assume that any new character is a Stand user.

1 Certain characters have died

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series where death is inevitable. Each different chapter features significant losses, not only from the many villains, but also from some of the most beloved heroes. This is no different in JoJolion and is in fact even more prevalent due to the sheer size of the cast and the Higashkita family in general.

There have already been important allies that have come to an end and while Josuke has helped eliminate many of the threats to his family, it remains a war full of losses.

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