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Her Eurohoops team/

For another match Nemanja Nedovic he was excellent, having 19 points in the victory of Panathinaikos against AEK, with the Serb wondering at the beginning of his statements and seeing his image on ERT’s camera if his hair was lousy, while rushing to fix it…

Then, the “bomber” of Panathinaikos referred to what happened on the floor against AEK, but also to other interesting issues.

“It was a difficult game. AEK is a good team. We won the first ten minutes and then there was balance in the others. We do not start the matches well but today we did it. Everyone did their job and we got what we wanted. “Victory is victory”, were the first words of the Panathinaikos star, while regarding the issue of the coach, he said: “The situation is strange. As I learn, her coach will come in the coming days, but we must respect and trust the coaches who lead us now. “They know basketball and they are very good at their job.”

Finally, he mentioned the situation of Panathinaikos“My opinion is that in order to be competitive, all 12 must always be focused. It’s 2 hours a day for us and it should be. If we all do our job we can oppose everyone “.

The 29-year-old Serb was born scorer and the first minutes of the Champions League derby in the Champions League found him to prove it for the umpteenth time. Just in the 5th ′ he had 9 points with 3/3 three points.

1/1 for 6-2 at 2 ′ 2/2 for 13-6 at 4 ′ 3/3 for 16-11 at 5 για

All this from a player with 58.8% (20/34) behind the line of 6.75m. in the Basket League before the jambol, while it has 37.8% (45/119) in the Euroleague.

At this rate, the season-high in the Basket League (x2 19p.) Seemed like a matter of time, in fact, had 18 points from 52-45 at 23 ′, however, 39, had to come to score again (1/2 b. for 79-75) and only equalize it (19π. with 3 / 4dip., 4 / 8trip., 1 / 2b., 1p., 2as. at 27:50).

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