15 terrier dog breeds: characteristics and curiosities

Terriers are a group of dog breeds that share a common origin, either very old or newer. They come mostly from Great Britain and their name comes from the Latin “terra”, which means land. In the beginning they were dogs used to hunt animals underground, hence their name.

The case of terriers is curious because in many of the breeds that carry that “surname” it is not entirely clear that they belong to this group, because the physical characteristics they share have already disappeared, as is the case of the Boston terrier, or by the same antiquity of the race. Another case is that of dogs such as the Russian black terrier, which belongs to the group of schnauzers and not that of terriers, despite having that name, or that of the dachshund, which despite its past as an underground hunter, is not a “recognized” terrier. Mysteries of history, in short.

They usually share, as we see in the gallery, a determined, courageous and active characterThey enjoy the outdoors and exercising and are good companions for children. They have been crossed for years with hunting dogs to further their skills in this field, so most of these breeds retain a strong instinct that, since they are already fully adapted to family life, will be observed above all in their form to play.

One of its peculiarities is that there are great differences between some races and others, especially in size. From the Airedale terrier to the popular Jack Russell, for example, there is a difference of almost 20 kg. Many of them share a difficult past, as they have also been employed as fighting dogs, being the subject of uncontrolled crossings. Those who have suffered the most from this circumstance have been bull-type dogs, which are still subject to prejudice today.

Currently, they are mostly dogs relatives, who enjoy the company of their humans and leading an active life. They enjoy nature and play, most of them have a noble and balanced character and have a great facility to adapt to any environment.

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