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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tia and Tamara Mowry or Dylan and Cole Sprouse are some cases of twin brothers that we have seen on the small screen starring in a television series. However, as not all interpreters have twin brothers that can meet the requirements of the script, many times the same actor or actress has been used to play two characters at the same time.

To generate that illusion that two twins appear at the same time on the scene, one of the most used techniques is the split screen, which makes it possible to first record the scene with one character and then with the other, joining both results in the post-production process. In this way it is facilitated that the same interpreter performs two different roles at the same time. However, in other cases the use of doubles and subsequent editing are also used thanks to advances such as the creation of digital images that allow one face to be replaced by another. From FormulaTV we want remember several cases of actresses and actors who played their twins in television series, but without actually having a twin brother.

1 Mark Ruffalo in ‘The Undeniable Truth’

Mark Ruffalo as Dominick and Thomas in ‘The Undeniable Truth’

Based on the novel « I Know This Much Is True » by Wally Lamb, ‘The undeniable truth’ is one of the most recent cases in which the main actor has to give life to two different characters in terms of personality, but the same physically. Specific, Mark Ruffalo takes on the role of Dominick and Thomas Birdsey, two twin brothers marked by trauma and by a very conflictive bond. Although the point of view that the fiction assumes falls on the role of Dominick, Ruffalo does an excellent job by embodying, on the one hand, a 40-year-old who prioritizes the care of his twin and, on the other hand, that brother who suffers from schizophrenia and who needs constant vigilance.

2 Lisa Kudrov in ‘Friends’

Lisa Kudrov as Phoebe and Ursula in ‘Friends’

When it comes to creating a twin brother for a character, it does not matter whether the series has a dramatic or comedic tone, it is a resource suitable for all types of genres. In the case of ‘Friends’ decided that Phoebe Buffay’s character would have a twin sister, so the actress Lisa Kudrow had to play the crazy and bohemian masseuse and Úrsula, a Manhattan waitress identical to her. The relationship between the two was not very close, in fact, since their mother committed suicide they distanced themselves and each one made her own life separately. However, the good acceptance that the character had caused that Úrsula appeared in a total of eight episodes, sometimes provoking the jealousy of his sister. In addition, it should be remembered that the role of Phoebe came to Kudrov thanks to her work in the fiction ‘Crazy about you’, in which she already played Úrsula.

3 Antonio Resines in ‘Here Peace and then Glory’

Antonio Resines as Ángel and Paco in ‘Here Peace and then Glory’

In 2015 Telecinco began broadcasting ‘Here Peace and then Glory’, a family comedy starring Antonio Resines. Precisely, the actor had to take on the challenge of embodying two characters at the same time, that is, he had to give life to two twin brothers. In this way, on the one hand, Resines got into the skin of Angel, a kind priest who goes into a coma after a traffic accident when he is kidnapped by gangsters because of his brother. On the other hand, he played Paco, a scammer who takes advantage of the situation his twin is in to change your life to form radical and usurp your identity, go back to the neighborhood where he grew up and fool friends, neighbors and old acquaintances who think they are dealing with Ángel.

4 Lina Morgan in ‘One of Two’

Lina Morgan in ‘One of Two’

The actress Lina morgan He spent a lifetime dedicated to the world of entertainment, becoming a legend in the interpretation of our country. Comedy was the genre in which he worked the most and the nineties were the one that brought him the most success. Precisely, in 1998 he starred in ‘Una de dos’ in La 1 de Televisión Española, a family fiction in which she had to play two identical twin sisters. The series was canceled shortly after due to its low ratings, but during the weeks that this comedy was on the air, we were able to enjoy that double performance in which gave life at the same time to the talkative and clueless Madame Susana and the strict, organized and serious Vicky.

5 James Franco in ‘The Deuce’

James Franco as Vincent and Frankie Martino in ‘The Deuce’

Created by David Simon with the collaboration of George Pelecanos, ‘The Deuce’ tells the story of the Martino twins, roles that are played by James Franco. The actor gets into the shoes of Vincent and Frankie, two identical-looking brothers who try to survive in the complicated world of Times Square in 1971 and who end up becoming the main leaders of the pornographic industry. While Vincent runs a bar while trying to find a way to prosper. and even to face the payment of the debts that his brother has accumulated, the atmosphere of the neighborhood, his neighbors and two veteran prostitutes with whom he crosses his path make him rethink his way of life.

6 Yael Grobglas in ‘Jane the Virgin’

Yael Grobglas as Anezka and Petra in ‘Jane the Virgin’

Released in 2014 and starring Gina Rodríguez, ‘Jane the Virgin’ knew how to create her own language to make a parody of soap operas sublimely. As such, one of the most characteristic elements of the genre could not be missing: the twin sisters. The actress Yael Grobglas was in charge of playing Petra and Anezka, two physically equal sisters, but one more bad than the other. Although Petra had a more human and good side in the end, both showed the worst of themselvesespecially Anezka, who under her accent and innocent appearance came to usurp her sister’s identity to take over his business and his family. To do this, he did not hesitate to send Petra to the hospital and keep her paralyzed so that who she really was would not be discovered.

7 Arturo Fernández in ‘Like the dog and the cat’

Arturo Fernández as Luis and Fray Pelayo in ‘Like the dog and the cat’

In 2007 Televisión Española premiered the comedy ‘Like the dog and the cat’, a fiction with surrealist overtones and in which the actor Arturo Fernández had to embody his two protagonists. Specifically, the veteran interpreter put himself in the shoes of Fray Pelayo and Luis Valdemar, two identical brothers who meet again after more than forty years without seeing each other, time in which they have not been able to end the disputes that they continue to have since they were young. In this way, on the one hand, Fernández interpreted Luis, a cheeky and womanizer who returns to Spain after committing a deception and that decides to take the reins of his family when discovering that his brother is no longer any competition. On the other hand, it gave life to Arturo, turned priest and retired in a convent under the name of Fray Pelayo.

8 Tatiana Maslany in ‘Orphan Black’

Tatiana Maslany in different roles in ‘Orphan Black’

In the case of ‘Orphan Black’, fiction based on the life of Sarah Manning, a young orphan who sees her life take a radical turn when she witnesses the suicide of a woman just like her, we cannot speak of the existence of a twin sister as such, but we can speak of the appearance of clones of the protagonist. Actress Tatiana Maslany plays the main role of this series, but also to various characters that are identical to Sarah. These are women who sometimes share a screen at the same time, a task made possible by the use of split screens and the CGI face substitutions that are carried out in post-production. We also couldn’t enjoy all those Sarah clones without the great work she does. Maslany, able to get into the shoes of so many different characters.

9 Ewan McGregor in ‘Fargo’

Ewan McGregor as Emmit and Ray in ‘Fargo’

The third season of ‘Fargo’ featured a completely renewed story in which the actor Ewan McGregor debuted on the small screen playing the Stussy brothers. On the one hand, it gives life to Emmit, a wealthy and handsome Minnesota neighbor that he represents in the American dream and that he believes to be a lucky and successful man. On the other hand, the interpreter embodies Ray, the run-down younger brother, with a more neglected appearance and that does nothing but fail in everything that is proposed. The relationship between the two is complicated because Ray blames Emmit for all the misfortunes that happen to him, so it is difficult for them to establish a friendship despite that blood bond that binds them. In fact, the rivalry between them gives rise to the main story of this batch of episodes of the series.

10 Sarah Paulson in ‘American Horror Story’

Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot Tattler in ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

The fourth season of the anthology created by Ryan Murphy is set in a circus of strange creatures. Among those peculiar beings who worked under the orders of Elsa Mars In ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ were Bette and Dot Tattler, two Siamese twins. Actress Sarah Paulson was responsible for bringing these two characters to life, playing two very disparate personalities under the singularity that they were united by the trunk, so I had to record each scene twice. While Bette was more impulsive, sweet, gentle, dreamy, and in love, Dot was more observant, withdrawn, stern, and protective. Paulson’s main difficulty is that he had to get the two to differentiate themselves and Bette be the one to take the reinsNot to mention the scenes in which they communicated through thoughts.

eleven Jeffrey Tambor in ‘Arrested Development’

Jeffrey Tambor as George and Oscar Bluth in ‘Arrested Development’

Focused on the members of a crazy family, ‘Arrested Development’ introduced us to twins George and Oscar Bluth, both played by actor Jeffrey Tambor. Between the two, the main character was George, patriarch of the family starring in the series. In fact, his stay in jail for fraud is the reason that leads his son Michael to assume the responsibility of being the head of the family and controlling the company that his father runs. On the other hand, Tambor also gave life to Oscar, much more bohemian and hippie who takes advantage of his physical resemblance to his brother to profit. Besides, the Confusion between the two characters served as the basis for generating the most surreal plots and crazy, adding a touch of extra humor to the series.

12 Joel McKinnon Miller in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Joel McKinnon Miller playing Norm and Earl Scully in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Starring Andy Samberg and centered on the adventures of a group of detectives from a New York police station, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ also used a twin of one of its characters which actually turned out to be the same actor playing both roles. Following his particular comic tone, Norm scully, the character played by actor Joel McKinnon Miller He was facing his identical twin Earl in episode sixteen of the sixth season of the series, titled « Cinco de mayo ». Specifically, Earl would show up at the police station to help Jake win a bet, causing the crash to occur. reunited with his brother after years angry because Earl slept with Norm’s ex-wife. As expected, after the pertinent reproaches, the conversation ended up with an absurd fight.

13 Sarah Michelle Gellar in ‘Ringer’

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Siobahn and Bridget in ‘Ringer’

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in ‘Ringer’, a fiction that tells the story of a young woman who struggles to overcome her alcoholism and who, after being the only witness to a crime, decides take advantage of the unexpected and strange disappearance of his twin to pose as his sister to run away from the mob that is chasing you. Thus, Bridget travels to New York to take charge of the life of Siobahn, a woman much more fortunate, sophisticated, married to a millionaire and with a seemingly perfect day-to-day life full of privileges. However, that personality change is not that simple and accommodating as expected and quickly secrets, obstacles and dangers arise that you must overcome, thus giving rise to the different plots that make up the fiction.

14 Dove Cameron in ‘Liv and Maddie’

Dove Cameron gives vid to the two protagonists of ‘Liv and Maddie’

Series like ‘Sister Things’ or ‘Twin Things’ featured actresses who were twin sisters to play the main characters, however, in ‘Liv and Maddie’ they decided to use a single actress to embody the two main roles. So the interpreter Dove Cameron gets into the shoes of Liv and Maddie Ronney, two teenagers the same in terms of physique, but who have very little in common. While Liv is an international television star, Maddie strives to become the best basketball player and it is focused solely on sports. When Liv returns home to her family after spending a season filming a series, they both realize that they have become people with completely opposite personalities, making their relationship difficult.

fifteen Yasmine Al Masri in ‘Quantico’

Yasmine Al Masri as Nimah and Raina Amin in ‘Quantico’

Created by Joshua Safran, ‘Quantico’ is a thriller that saw the light in 2015 and that follows in the footsteps of a group of young FBI recruits until one day the unexpected happens and their lives are radically turned upside down by one of the largest terrorist attacks in the history of New York City. In that group we find Nimah and Raina Amin, two identical twins who pretend to be the same person which are exchanged depending on the situation. The actress Yasmine Al Massri is responsible for playing this double role, doing a wonderful job because at all times it ensures that we know how to perfectly differentiate who each one of them is.

16 Olivia Molina in ‘The fence’

Olivia Molina is Julia and Sara in ‘La valla’

Set in a dystopian world, ‘The fence’ is another of those fictions that uses the existence of two twins to develop its story, although in this case it is neither an evil sister nor they appear together on the screen. Specifically, the actress Olivia Molina plays Julia and Sara, although at all times it is Julia who stars in the series because Sara passed away long ago. The difference from other fictions is that Julia looks forced to impersonate her sister to survive and to help her brother-in-law to get his niece back. However, Molina had it easier when defending both characters because at no time did they coincide in the same space and time, so he did not have to unfold in any scene.

17 Melissa Joan Hart and Kiernan Shipka in ‘Sabrina’

Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina and her twin in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Having an evil twin seems to be something common in the universe that has been created around the character of Sabrina. Melissa Joan Hart was the first to play this teenage witch in ‘Sabrina, Witchcraft,’ where we find out that one of the Spellman family secrets was that every member has a twin. In your case, Katrina was her evil twin and Joan Hart was in charge of defending this role as well. Years later, actress Kiernan Shipka has assumed the responsibility of embodying a new version of Sabrina in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, series in which they did not want to miss this tradition and in which its protagonist has also had a twin sister to which Shipka herself has given life in the fourth season.

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