20 The 480 memories of Georges Perec

A speech is memorable in proportion to the ability to communicate your ideas with artifice and subtlety. There are books that are already a literary tradition and motivate that our opinion about who imitates is derogatory. We prefer the original to someone imitating.

The text, in addition to being eloquent, demands technique that its author adjusts with daily routine. The writer conscientiously and by vocation is equated with the craftsman. “If they gave a lot of care to building a bird, it was so that it could fly,” says Roberto Calasso.

Georges Perec (1936-1982) wrote the palindrome at the longest length so far and begins with: « Trace l’ inegal palindrome (…) ne mord ni la plage ni l ’écart. » However, he gains fame when he publishes I remember (editorial Impedimenta, Je me souviens, in original language), a deliberately underlined phrase that considers the past as present. Returns moments.

The erudite in Perec: an intimate confession of wisdom that by simple language is universal. If any event he names had never actually occurred, he would refrain from telling. Each event jointly signifies and (writes Alberto Szpunberg) “from such lightness is born the effort to deny the gravity of the world” where it lives.

The attempt to reproduce or use this format for inspiration seems unsuccessful, because originality negates imitations. The reader should assume that a writer (unless he admits the opposite) must not be unique, but resourceful. It should not be irrefutable, but novel about what it reinterprets. Nor should it be precise, yes truthful.

Perec simply narrates what he remembers to avoid forgetting it. Carry out an ingenious personal inventory through the history made up of data, relive another time that was perhaps better. He has a good memory.


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