San Joaquin County sees 28 percent increase in crop values in 2012


STOCKTON – Grapes overtook milk as the top agricultural product in San Joaquin County in 2012, according to the Agricultural Report of San Joaquin County.

The gross value of agricultural products for the county last year was another all-time high of nearly $2.9 billion, an increase of 28.2 percent over 2011.

“2012 provided excellent growth in agriculture for San Joaquin County,” said Agricultural Commissioner Scott Hudson in his report to the Board of Supervisors. “Increases in almond and grape acreages and yields accounted for significant growth for each commodity.”

The value of all grape products, including wine, table and crushed, jumped from $287 million in 2011 to $549 million in 2012.  The county produced 892,000 tons of grapes last year.

In fact, the value of fruit and nut crops increased 71.5 percent to a value of $21.6 billion, the report said.

Fruit and nut crops made up 57 percent of San Joaquin County’s output last year, followed by livestock and poultry products (15 percent), field crops (12 percent), vegetable crops (9 percent), nursery products (3 percent), livestock and poultry (3 percent) and apiary products (1 percent).

Top 10 Crops

  1. Grapes ……… $549 million
  2. Walnuts .….. $457 million
  3. Milk ……….….$404 million
  4. Almonds ….. $300 million
  5. Cherries……..$225 million
  6. Tomatoes……$103 million
  7. Hay…………..….$90 million
  8. Silage Corn…..$72 million
  9. Grain Corn…..$70 million
  10. Cattle, Calves…$67 million


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