How to avoid turning off customers on Facebook

September 4, 2013


facebook unlikeSince Facebook’s rise, businesses have tried to harness the attention of its users to market their products and services. However, some businesses are finding out the hard way that today’s modern consumer does not want to face the hard sell, especially on their social networks.

Here are some ways businesses fail when it comes to Facebook marketing:

Like our special!

It is tempting to log in to Facebook to post your specials or latest press release and call it a day, but that is not how you win “likes.” As fantastic as your special or press release might be, people are not just sitting there waiting to “like” and “share” those types of posts. Think about your own behavior on Facebook. When you see ads, do you click “like?” Probably not.

Instead of posting your boring special, why not turn it into something fun? Take a picture of a customer enjoying whatever it is that is on special and post that, along with a short line such as, “Check out one of our regular customers, Sally, enjoying our special of the week!”

That turns a dry attempt at sharing a special into a showcase of someone enjoying your product, while at the same time getting it on special this week. Give people something engaging to see while they are scrolling down their Facebook news feed. Too many boring marketing posts and they will find their way to your page’s “unlike” button.

Too long; didn’t read

Are you drowning your fans in text? The phrase “less is more” is the mantra of the social media age. We scroll through our Facebook news feeds at the speed of light looking for something interesting. No matter how interesting, people don’t typically take the time to read long posts when using social networks.

A better approach would be to save the longer posts for your website and link to it from your Facebook page with a short two-sentence synopsis. Make the social media post short and inviting — something that will make users bookmark the link to read later.

Drowned in stock photography

We have phones in our cameras. Photography is more a part of our lives than ever before. Why would you drown your customers in stock photography when you could easily show them how different your company is from the competition?

Photos and even video, do not have to be perfect. Photos and videos from cell phones are acceptable forms of media these days. News broadcasts even use cell phone photography in major stories.

Instead of using the same stock photography that everybody in your industry uses, take a few photos or videos of your own and share them with your other content. Instead of just posting an update to Facebook, post it with a photo.

The cure-all: be personal

Social media is about personality and showcasing your company’s unique attributes to the world. Your business is not the same as your competitors’. Your business has you and your employees. It has your beliefs and your years of expertise. It has your stories of things you have seen, the kind of things you tell people at dinner parties. It has your customers.

You can easily find things to post and share that are interesting and fun, things that people would stop and read.

Most businesses are stuck in a rut posting boring content that people scroll right past. I see that as a chance to set myself and my business apart from the rest of my competition. Give people something intriguing to read and share with others, something that empowers them with information and puts them in the know. Start conversations that people can take part in through comments.

If you are just getting started with Facebook, check out the free course I posted on Udemy.Com.

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