EVI, PG&E partner on electric hybrid fleet


STOCKTON –Stockton-based Electric Vehicles International is manufacturing trucks PG&E will use to start the utility industry’s first electric hybrid drivetrain Class 5 work trucks, EVI announced. The utility received a $2.2 million grant from the California Energy Commission for the project.

“These cutting-edge trucks not only will help us reduce our fuel costs as well as our carbon footprint, but in the event of an outage, we would be able use their exportable power capacity to supply electricity to homes and businesses,” said Dave Meisel, PG&E senior director of  Transportation Services. “Imagine having a fleet of these to deploy in response to a natural disaster or unplanned outage. For us, as a utility, that is a game-changer, and we are proud to partner with EVI and the CEC to develop and integrate these vehicles into our green fleet.”

The Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) utility trucks, developed by EVI in partnership with PG&E and the California Energy Commission (CEC), were designed, built and tested in the at EVI’s manufacturing plant in Stockton.

The REEV features an all-electric range of 45 miles and fuel savings of up to 30 percent when the units are operating in hybrid mode, EVI said. PG&E accepted delivery of the first two REEV units last summer and purchased two additional units after a successful initial demonstration of the vehicles.

Eventually, PG&E plans to replace all 942 of its conventional fuel Class 5 vehicles, including bucket trucks, flat beds, and other service trucks, with plug-in electric hybrid models, which would save the utility nearly $3.5 million in fuel costs and reduce GHG emissions by over 9,000 metric tons every year.

EVI moved its operations to Stockton from Toluca, Mexico in 2009 partly because of California’s leading environmental policies designed to help deploy alternative-fuel vehicles.

“Our decision to relocate to Stockton was the best choice we could have made and we are proud to bring new jobs to the San Joaquin Valley and to help reduce air pollution in this highly affected region,” said Ricky Hanna, president and CEO of EVI. “In addition, being able to work more closely with innovative, forward looking companies like PG&E on developing new ‘green fleet’ technologies will help us to expand our capabilities and presence to create even more new local jobs.”


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