Cisco Systems VP shares vision of future

rick hutley
Rick Hutley, Cisco Vice President

STOCKTON — If you think technology has changed our lives over the last few decades, you haven’t seen anything yet. That was the message that Rick Hutley, Cisco Systems’ vice president of global innovations told University of Pacific students during a wide-ranging discussion at the at the De Rosa University Center Ballroom Oct. 14.

“We are going to have to educate students for jobs that don’t even exist yet,” he told the more than 100 people in attendance.

Hutley believes we are entering a new technological stage. In the coming era, things like data, processing transactions and facilitating social interactions won’t be the only things that are connected to the Internet throughout the globe. Interconnected items such as glasses, clothing, robots and cameras will become as common as iPods and cell phones are today.

Computerized devices will be as small as a piece of dust and able to perform functions as varied as controlling a room’s climate to diagnosing medical conditions from inside the body.

Cisco experts estimate that $14.4 trillion will be at stake with these coming innovations.

For more on technical innovations, read the story in the November issue of the Central Valley Business Journal.


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