Visit Stockton unveils new website


visit stockton websiteSTOCKTON — Visit Stockton has launched its redesigned website it says can adapt to any mobile, tablet, or desktop viewing experience.

“We could not be more pleased with the new website and the experience it creates for the user.  Our local events calendar is more robust and feature rich, social media and content sharing is more ingrained into the site, overall look and feel to the site is beautiful,” said Visit Stockton’s CEO Wes Rhea in a press statement. “Providing the user with a consistent experience across all platforms from mobile to tablet to desktop was extremely important to us and we believe we have delivered on that promise.”

The site it designed to be a comprehensive and official resource for travelers, media, and locals to access the latest on Stockton events, hotels and attractions.

Visit Stockton said the new website provides a faster browsing experience and allows its team  more flexibility to promote the Stockton to tourists and potential businesses.

The upgrades include expanded, in-depth content that describes what makes Stockton unique, the latest in search engine optimization and what Visit Stockton describes as “a fresh, clean design with improved site navigation.” There are more photos and more comprehensive hotel, restaurant, shopping and meeting facility listings.

Visit Stockton partnered with Tempest Interactive Media based in Tucson, Ariz. to design and develop the website.


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