Workplace can contribute to failed New Year’s resolutions

February 10, 2015



Find that effort to keep your New Year’s resolution faltering? Many employees are finding their workplace can contribute to those failed New Year’s resolutions.

ComPsych Corporation, the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs, found that 65 percent of employees surveyed believed that their workplace environment hindered their efforts to keep New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions focused primarily on health issues such as losing weight and being more active.

February is often when those New Year’s resolution efforts begin to crumble. Eating healthier and going to the gym gives way to comfort food of winter. According to the survey, the work environment can make these trends even harder to combat.

Among those surveyed, 37 percent said that work stress caused them to eat poorly and 28 percent said the social environment influenced them to eat poorly (dining out; having food around) or exercise less (sitting at meetings and at desk). Just 8 percent of those surveyed said that work kept them busy, active and away from the fridge.

“Work environment and corporate culture clearly have an impact on employee health objectives,” said Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, Chairman and CEO of ComPsych in a release about the survey. “Increasingly, employers are seeking to positively influence employees’ at-work behavior with health and well-being programs. Stress management as well as the promotion of exercise and healthy eating while at work have become important components of wellness programs, as organizations seek to improve employee effectiveness while reducing health care costs.”

While these programs are beginning to take root, the survey points out that workplaces still have a way to go.

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