Field poll gives Brown high approval marks

jerry brown
Gov. Jerry Brown registered a 59 percent approval rating in the latest Field Poll released Tuesday.

California Governor Jerry Brown has the support of the majority of Californians according to the latest Field Poll. Nearly 59 percent of voters surveyed approved of Brown’s performance in office while just 32 percent said he was doing a poor job.

The perception, among 69 percent of the populace, that he has the right experience to deal with the state’s problems is the primary driving force behind the high numbers. Majorities also believe that he has the right vision (54 percent) to lead California and has turned the state’s finances around (53 percent).

One of the knocks against the governor is that a majority (57 percent) believe that he favors too many big government projects the state can’t afford. That could hamper his drive for both his legacy projects, high speed rail and water projects, that are expected to cost billions of dollars.

Still, the governor enjoys support among large demographic, regional and political subgroups. Voters who identify themselves as strongly and moderately liberal support Brown by 80 and 70 percent margins. Those living in the Bay Area, where Brown was mayor of Oakland, give him 69 percent approval rating. Those who consider themselves middle of the road and those with no party affiliation approved of Brown’s job performance by 59 and 54 percent respectively.

Not surprisingly, the only groups giving Brown very poor marks are Republicans (61 percent give him a poor rating) and strong conservatives (67 percent poor rating).

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