Letting the good times roll


From Michigan to Maui and back home on the farm, what a whirlwind the month of March became.

I had the thrill of seeing my Navy son, Blake, in Hawaii and toured his base. Submarines are truly amazing. I personally can’t see myself under the water for months at a time —  especially in such closed quarters — but I’m sure glad we have brave young sailors who are willing to serve our great country.

As for Michigan, when I landed at Detroit Metro it was 2 degrees outside, but seeing my father, well, that always warms my heart.

At the end of March we had the pleasure of hosting a retirement party at our home for Teri Haigh and Pat Avery, secretaries at the Calone and Harrel law firm. However, I must be clear, Teri insisted on telling everyone she is still going to work via the Internet. She may be moving but she will not stop working. This lady never quits!

It seems like yesterday when I had the extreme pleasure of meeting these two amazing women, but I realized its been more than 21 years! I’m starting to feel a bit older when those near and dear to me retire.

Mike Whirlow and his band entertained us into the night with favorites from Sinatra to Van Morrison. We were all so impressed by their talent.But 16 year old Lincoln High sophomore Andrea Lanier stole the show when she belted out several favorites. What an incredible voice this young lady has. I’m told we will be catching her act at Whirlow’s Tossed and Grilled, and it looks like she may become a regular there on Thursday nights.

For those of you who like to dance, put on your dancing shoes and start doing a rain dance. We need it! I understand several lakes and reservoirs are almost dry and many more are going to be lowered again this year. Some are expected to drop another 100 feet or more. Perhaps our politicians should start building tunnels from those states that are flooded and send the water to California.

Desalination is a good idea, too, but waiting until we dry up completely is irresponsible. It’s crazy!  We are the breadbasket of the country, and it takes water to keep us fed, not to mention alive. Someone needs to wake up and realize that shipping water from Northern California to Southern California is plain stupid. Nothing from nothing is NOTHING.

On a more positive note, several of our area’s cities have hosted their State of the City events. The latest news from Tracy was very exciting — a new FedEx hub at the Prologis International Park of Commerce which is expected to bring nearly 400 new jobs to the city next year. You can read more about what’s happening in Tracy on page 3.

We want to remind you the Asparagus Festival is April 17-19 at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. It’s the first time for the renewed festival and the new location, and we want to support anyone who sticks their neck out to do something positive for the community.

Kudos to Merced County developer Greg Hostetler, who has donated $1 million to start a police foundation in Merced. The foundation will provide help for the families of police officers in times of need.


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