VIDEO – Starbucks and books at busy Modesto corner


starbucks(UPDATE) MODESTO — The recently vacated Long John Silver restaurant near the corner of McHenry and Standiford avenues did not stay empty long. It opened Thursday at 4:30 a.m.

The building was remodeled, inside and out. The parking lot has been painted, and a new state-of-the-art drive-thru was installed.

Lisa Haskell is managing the new McHenry and Standiford store. She has worked for Starbucks, but this is her first stint as a manager.

This Starbucks has a larger lobby area than most stores and a modern design.

The store has Starbucks’ new drive-thru that features a Skype-like interaction between the customer and the employee who takes orders.

This is the second new Starbucks under construction on McHenry and the third new one in Modesto this year. The other ones are at the corner of Oakdale Road and Scenic Boulevard and McHenry and Briggsmore.

The new Starbucks is next to Yesterday’s Books. Haskell believes there’s synergy there and says there are some in-store readings in the works.


  1. The place wasn’t vacant at all. Long John Silvers’ landlord wouldn’t renew their lease and kicked them out so that we could have YASS (Yet Another Starbucks Store).
    It’s too bad. We miss LJ Silvers.


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