Stockton group has new use for old spire


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STOCKTON – A group called the Save Downtown Stockton Foundation (SDSF) thinks it has found a new use for the spire from the Hunter Square fountain. The group is looking to give residents a voice in that use as well.

The 27-foot spire which extended from the Hunter Square fountain used to spout water into two big dishes that eventually flowed into a pool. The fountain was removed to make way for the new courthouse, but the city saved the spire without any reuse plan.

That was when the SDSF came up with the idea of using the spire as part of a sculture in the plaza in front of city hall. Everything from fundraising to design is being overseen by the group.

The SDSF also wants county residents to chime in on which design they like best.

One design includes the spire and a “demonstration garden” of drought-tolerant native plants.

The other design would turn the spire into a sundial where people could step into the surrounding fountain and check out time markers on the ground.

The plans can be reviewed at People can vote for their top choice at the  “Projects” tab under “Vote”. Voting will continue through July.


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