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EZ Network Systems

After months of waiting, Microsoft released Windows 10 Wednesday. It’s easy to get caught up in the marketing buzz around Windows 10 and click the upgrade button.

As owner of a Central Valley computer support company, everyone is asking me if they should upgrade right now.  My short answer is: hold off on Windows 10, at least for a few months. Let’s wait and see how stable Windows 10 is on other people’s PCs.

How complete and stable Windows 10 will be could vary depending on your hardware and usage. Some machines may work well, and others may crash or the display drivers and audio drivers may not work correctly.

Microsoft has stated that the update process will require some time in prep work in addition to the upgrade process itself and that some applications may be left behind. Microsoft has further stated, “Driver and firmware support, application compatibility, and feature support” could affect whether the Windows 10 upgrade takes place and “some applications or settings may not migrate.”

As such, I do not recommend upgrading at this time.  As with all new complicated products and programs, it is always best to let the dust settle to allow time for all the bugs to be worked out.  Since it is free as long as you take advantage of the upgrade before July 29, 2016, you have the luxury of letting them iron out the bugs first.

Raymond R. Smith is the president and CEO of EZ Network Systems in Stockton. He specializes in troubleshooting and problem solving on all networks & PCs including security solutions and complete network management. With over 17 years in IT, Smith is the author of Hassle-Free Computer Support and chosen by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce as the Business Person of the Year 2012. 

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