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We had a sub sailor in our home for two weeks in July. Yes, my son Blake was granted leave and decided to spend his time off with us. We are blessed that he still wants to hang out with family, but I may need to sleep for a week after he goes back to his base in Pearl Harbor!

sharon calone
Sharon Alley Calone

It’s amusing to me how much he tries to cram into 12 days. We celebrated his birthday, spent time at the cabin, saw the new movie “South Paw” (loved it), floated six hours down the Tuolomne River (walked really), had several family barbecues, shopped for clothes, haircuts, chiropractor visit, and on and on. I’m burned out from “fun.” I guess when you’re submerged for months on end in a submarine and finally surface, it’s game on! I’m getting too old for this much fun!

As the weather continues to heat up, the lakes, reservoirs and groundwater continue to dry up. Some of my favorite Northern California lakes have dropped over 200 feet in the past three years. Crazy times. Its’ very sad to see the giant pine trees dying from lack of water, which allows pests to penetrate their bark.

I’m told by many sources, we should be prepared for an El Niño winter. In fact, this could be a very wet 2015-2016. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A blessing actually. We need to do our rain dances and pray for lots of rain and snow.

We dodged another bullet in July as the Kyburz fire burned more than 100 acres very near our cabin. The firefighters did an awesome job beating back that one! A big THANK YOU to all the men and women involved in fighting fires around our state. You’re our heroes! God bless you!

It looks like the 2016 elections are going to be quite entertaining, Donald Trump has come out slugging. Recent polls say he’s giving all the candidates a real run for their money! I do think a successful businessman could return economic prosperity to our great nation and he’s funding his own campaign. That’s impressive. No donations needed, no favors owed. I guess that’s one way to look at it. Nonetheless, the first debates will be entertaining and  hopefully will narrow down the number of candidates. We’ll all stay tuned for coming events. Time will tell…

I’d like to take a moment to shine the light on the Business Journal’s newest superstar, 21 year old Alyssa Larson. Alyssa joined our company nearly one year ago as an administrative assistant. I was a bit reluctant to hire such a young person for this demanding position. There are many duties to preform including, but not limited, to managing me and my schedule. Need I say more?

What a trooper she has proven to be! She never wavered, stayed extremely professional at all times, excelled during stressful deadlines, answered the busy phones with enthusiasm and continues to be upbeat and positive in all situations. Of course, she has computer skills that I certainly lack.

Within months our team realized we had a star in our midst, and we promoted her to sales. I’m proud to report that in two short months, she has exceeded her sales goals and continues to amaze us.

She is a rock star in my world, and I’m completely open to giving employment opportunities to those I may have thought lacked experience. She made a believer out of me. Thank you, Alyssa, for renewing my faith in our youth! You rock!

Our Business Journal office is taking on a challenge in September to raise money and awareness for United Cerebral Palsy of San Joaquin, Calaveras and Amador Counties (UCP). We’ve all committed to walking 10,000 steps a day and to raise money to keep UCP doing the great work it does for people with disabilities.

It’s called the Steptember challenge, and we’ve partnered with UCP to get other businesses in our area join us. Turn to page 18 to learn how it works. The challenge runs from Sept. 2-29.

I’ve issued a challenge to my husband, Rich’s law firm to “step up,” make a donation and walk with us.

I’m looking forward to teambuilding with my employees, encouraging wellness in our office and becoming more appreciative of what a blessing it is to be able to get up and move. This is an important opportunity to give some help to those whose lives are more challenging.

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God bless America,

Sharon Alley Calone


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