Stockton simplifies, reduces permit fees


STOCKTON — Starting Nov. 2 it will cost developers less to apply for permits in Stockton.

The city’s Community Development Department is launching a new automated system for building, planning and engineering permits. The process eliminated outdated practices and results in cost savings of between 24 and 62 percent, the city said in a press release.

The city will implement simpler and less expensive permit fees for all types of development.

The new permitting system uses cloud-based software and will streamline permitting, inspections, and plan review. In addition, it introduces 24/7 online access for residents and businesses. Customers will be able to access the system remotely, check status, and answer questions about projects and plans.

“Building inspectors will now be able to complete inspections in the field using iPads and customers will be able to schedule inspections online,” said Community Development Director David Kwong. “We look forward to huge strides in permit processing efficiency, transparency and accountability.”

Additionally, the City Council is considering a proposal to reduce public facilities fees, which make up part of residential building permits. The council is scheduled to vote Tuesday.


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