Blog – Modesto turkey to get Presidental pardon

presidential turkey
PHOTO BY: Lawrence Jackson – Official Whitehouse Photographer
President Obama pardoning a turkey in 2009.

It’s not often I get to write two blog posts in one day,but there’s just too much exciting business-related news out there.

I just got an email notifiying me that the turkey President Obama will pardon this year will come from Modesto’s Foster Farms.

The winning gobbler will be chosen from among 20 finalists in what I’m assuming is a turkey version of a beauty pageant on Nov. 19. Reporters, photographer and a group of fifth-graders from Eisenhut Elementary School will get to watch the selection.

Apparently, these are not just any turkeys. They are Presidential Turkeys and they’ve been bred and raised for this role. Here’s a description from the press release:

“This year’s Presidential Turkey boasts bold, patriotic red and white coloration and an impressive wingspan.”

The birds were specially raised for their important role “which includes listening to the radio (they favor Country Western) to become accustomed to different voices and sounds,” Foster Farms says.

Again, this happens next Thursday. In the meantime, if you’re not up on the whole turkey-pardoning tradition, please enjoy this primer from “The West Wing.”


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