McCaulou’s opens in Lincoln Center


Dave McCaulouSTOCKTON — Shoppers were ready and waiting when McCaulou’s department store opened its doors for the first time at Lincoln Center Nov. 12.

The chain’s founder, David McCaulou, was on hand to greet them and was pleased with the response.

“We’re impressed,” McCaulou said, looking around the store. “We’ve never advertised it or anything. We just opened the doors this morning. This is not a grand opening, but it’s certainly a grand response.”

McCaulou’s now occupies the space that had been vacant since Campbell’s department store closed in the summer of 2012. McCaulou’s has filled the 24,000-square-foot space with a wide variety of brand-name clothing, accessories, toys, items for the home and shoes.

The family-owned chain has been in business for more than 40 years and has nine stores in the Bay Area, including its flagship store in Lafayette. The McCaulou brand is known for offering value and the kind of customer service that has fallen by the wayside at some big department stores. For example, on purchases of $15 or more, gift wrap is free.

“We have convenient service and price, and we’re very good at zeroing in on our potential consumer,” McCaulou said. “We find out what they’re after and we cater to it.”

McCaulou said Lincoln Center approached his company about opening a store in the shopping center, and managers thought the mix of tenants made it a good fit.

“We’re really impressed with the center,” McCaulou’s granddaughter, Christine, who is a buyer in the shoe department. “This is really a community-oriented center. They have so much spirit, and we’re really looking forward to having the holidays here. We’re so glad we’re open for the holidays.”
Shoppers also appeared to be pleased they have another retail option in Stockton.

“Our first impression walking in was that things were certainly displayed very nicely,” said shopper Linda Deis. “Just cruising through the store, they have a lot merchandise. They have a lot to offer.”

I love the one in Walnut Creek, so I knew this one would be good,” said Trish Garrigan, who was shopping with Deis.

Both women mentioned affordability and merchandise selection as things that stood out during their first visit to the Stockton store.

Providing a variety of merchandise is an aspect of the business McCaulou’s buyers work hard to achieve.

McCaulou said buyers are frequently in each of the 10 stores, so they know what customers at each location are looking for. She said items in the Auburn store, for example, may differ from what shoppers can find at the Danville store.

“We’re really adaptable,” Christine McCaulou said. “We’re willing to change and see what people are looking for. We’re always asking for feedback from our customers and our associates to see what people are looking for.”

McCaulou’s is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday and 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.


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