New web portal to offer one-stop business incentive information

March 15, 2016



Businesses looking to access economic incentives through the state treasurers office will have a new one-stop portal by the end of the year. That is the plan for the new California Business Internet Gateway or C-BIG.

C-BIG will work similar to an e-commerce website according to Jan Ross, the state’s deputy treasurer for technology and innovation. She told that the new portal would allow businesses to quickly access incentives specifically aimed at their business or industry.

Those incentives include tax credits, loans and bonds scattered across the individual websites of 14 boards, commissions and authorities under the treasurer’s oversight. The agencies involved include the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and the Scholarshare Investment Board.

The site may compliment the already running California Business Portal, a one-stop website from the Department of Technology and Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. That site was launched in 2015 and makes it easier for new and existing businesses to get the information they need to get off the ground and grow.

The California Business Portal consolidates information such as business registration, licensing and permitting, tax credits and incentive programs, and other topics that were previously only available on separate web pages.

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