FDA makes first nutrition label changes since 1994


Current_Label_notitle_NFL_3.24.14WASHINGTON — Nutrition fact labels on food packages will soon look different, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars.

The changes were proposed by the Food and Drug Administration two years ago and are the first major update to the labels since their creation in 1994. They are now found on more than 800,000 foods.

The changes reflect how science has changed in the last decade.  While fat was the focus in the 1990s, today there is more concern about how many calories people eat. That spurred the FDA to enlarge the calorie listing on the label. Serving sizes will also be easier to see and a line for sugars will be added.

Other changes to the labels include listing levels of potassium, vitamin D and vitamin C. Vitamin A listings are no longer required but can be included. Iron and calcium will stay the way they are.

“You’ll no longer need a microscope to figure out whether the food is actually good for your kids,” Frst Lady Michelle Obama said Friday as the changes were announced.


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