VIDEO: Lemonade Day teaches business skills


MODESTO — Children in Modesto in Stockton got their first taste of the business world at this year’s Lemonade Day, May 21.

Nearly three dozen lemonade stands were set up in the parking lot on H Street between 15th and 16th streets at what was dubbed “Lemonopolis.”

In years past, lemonade stands were set up throughout Modesto. This year the event was centralized downtown and was helped by the nearby farmers market and a bike race.

“I love it,” said Modesto’s Lemonade Day Champion David Darmstandler, CEO of DataPath. “It’s taught kids a lot more than just being individual booths out on their own. They’re learning from each other. They’re seeing what other kids are charging. They’re seeing what other kids are selling. It’s a little bit competitive.”

Lemonade Day in Stockton was organized by Tuleburg, which chose to work with freshmen from Health Careers Academy. At University Park, 125 students set up 50 lemonade stands with various themes and lemonade flavors.

“It is competition between the freshman class,” said Tuleburg’s Chief Marketing Officer Becky Moffitt. “Next year they will mentor the next freshman class, and we hope to bring in some younger students as well.”

Lemonade Day is a nationwide effort meant to spur interest in entrepreneurship among children.




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