5 ways to spice up your marketing efforts


photographerMaking your company, product or service appear as attractive and useful as possible is a core part of marketing. Unfortunately, not all industries are fun or exciting. Offering award-winning accounting services, while valuable for all businesses, is not exactly the stuff movies are made of.

dan natividad
Dan Natividad

However, that just means your job is tougher, not that it’s irrelevant. You’ll need to put in more work and get more creative than people with exciting products. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Use visual media

When words won’t do, you’ve got to go with pictures. Talking about trash bags might make people walk away, so use picture to grab their attention and keep it. The fact is, more and more people are looking to pictures and videos for their information.

Infographics, for example, are gaining steam. While there will always be a place for text and context marketing, there’s also value to be found in investing in visual media.

Reading an article about back pain is boring. Reading a funny comic is memorable, informative and can help improve your branding.

There’s a reason images get more retweets than pure text, and that’s because they’re more interesting.

Be informative

Entertainment isn’t your only go-to weapon when it comes to making things interesting. Information can just be as compelling, and if you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve likely got a lot at your fingertips. Consumers want to be informed, and you can help them by offering insights and relevant data.

Quick posts on your Facebook page or website can get shared if they’re informative enough. Don’t just give users raw data, give them conclusions you can make based on that data.

You can’t always make a pitch based on that information, but you don’t always have to sell. Getting your content shared may be enough to capture new customers and even markets.

Make conversational content

Content marketing remains a powerful tool for marketers. Naturally, if your industry is on the dull side, you’ll have to spice things up a little to compete. Writing the way you speak or in a conversational tone may be the solution.

Your articles will lose some authoritativeness, but you’re trading authority for a more interesting read. Any authority you feel you’ve given up can be made up for using numbers, statistics and references.

Inject your personality into your articles, and you’ll find interest and interaction rising. Make sure any content creators you have in your employ have the same orders.

Take advantage of your industry’s dullness

Some things are a matter of perspective. Take a look at your supposedly dull industry. You’re not the only one in it, since you have competition. Your competition’s facing the same problem you are: making things interesting. Many companies would logically focus their efforts elsewhere.

You can be different. You’re looking at a market ripe for the picking. Where the competition has problem promoting, you should see an opportunity to carve out a niche. This is an opportunity and position many companies would kill to be in.

Competition that has problems promoting? Most businesses would sign up to take advantage of that.

Get relevant

Getting consumers interested in your product may simply be a matter of relevancy. Creating engaging marketing campaigns based on paper or insurance is inherently difficult. Resist the temptation to dip into unrelated products just to get valuable backlinks and traffic. You may get more hits, but very rarely will those actually be leads as users followed the link for reasons unrelated to your company.

Instead, find a way to make it relevant. If you are in the chair industry, write about valuable chairs throughout history and compare them to your own designs. If you’re trying to sell trash bags, make an infographic about what happens when people don’t dispose of their garbage properly. There’s an angle for your industry,you only need to find it.

Your industry may be traditionally boring or dull, but you clearly don’t think so. You didn’t get into this industry because it was a nice alternative to narcolepsy. Something about it excited you enough to become a businessperson. Let your passion show and people will be drawn to it.

Dan Natividad, a Stockton native, is a partner at Port City Marketing Solutions along with Kristen Dyke and Erin Diego. Dan can be reached at [email protected]




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