California rejects Volkswagen recall plan for 3-liter diesel cars


The California Air Resources Board has rejected Volkswagen’s recall plan for some of its passenger cars. The agency says the plan is short on details and wouldn’t let the board  fully evaluate whether it would even fix the emissions problems.

The action only applies to 3.0-liter diesel passenger cars for model years 2009 to 2016 sold in California. That’s about 16,000 Volkswagens, Audis and Porsches.

Volkswagen has agreed to pay as much as $15.3 billion to settle consumer lawsuits and government accusations that its diesel cars had illegal “defeat devices” installed that cheated on U.S. emissions tests.

The Air Resources Board said that Volkswagen’s proposal doesn’t provide a full description of all defeat devices.

The board will continue talks with Volkswagen and the Environmental Protection Agency to reach a solution that “fully mitigates the excess emissions.”


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