First Priority GreenFleet announces new partnership

September 12, 2016


First Priority GreenFleet


STOCKTON — First Priority GreenFleet has announced a new partnership with Efficient Drivetrains. The collaboration will provide clean transportation solutions to public and private commercial fleet operations.

Efficient Drivetrains will provide drivetrains for vehicles manufactured by First Priority GreenFleet.

First Priority GreenFleet’s West Coast office is in Stockton.

“The integration of EDI’s advanced (electric vehicle) and (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) technology into the First Priority GreenFleet alternative fuel vehicles platform is extremely valuable as it accelerates bringing solutions to market and maximizes support efficiencies for our customers,” said First Priority GreenFleet, Ltd

CEO Alex Cherepakhov.

The electric vehicles will be used to replace conventional commercial fuel vehicles in industries such as logistics, emergency response, utilities, and others—significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating harmful criteria pollutants, while still maintaining OEM levels of power and performance.

The first production orders are expected later this year.

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