A call to voters

sharon calone
Sharon Alley Calone

Soon, Thanksgiving will be upon us. My favorite holiday meal? Turkey, of course!

Do you ever crave turkey in July? I often bite the bullet and give into the craving. I run out, buy a turkey and spend a Saturday in July thawing, stuffing, roasting and carving my own small bird. Delightful!

So, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m already ordering my large, organic bird from Podesto’s Market in Stockton.

Last summer we planted pumpkins in our garden. Much to my delight I have six medium-sized pumpkins growing for my homemade pies. I’m not too sure how that’s going to turn out as I’ve never attempted this before.

In late October, I was in Michigan visiting my father and scanned the internet for pumpkin pie (from scratch) recipes. From what I can tell, this is going to be a bit more difficult than simply opening a can of pumpkin purée. We shall see.

Growing up in Michigan, we were always graced with the spectacular fall colors. This year seems to be exceptional. The local television stations were reporting on the brilliance of the leaves. The weather has been very warm and the leaves are staying on the trees much longer than usual. The wooded areas near my parents’ home are unbelievable — bright orange, red, yellow, burgundy and evergreen trees all growing together like a Norman Rockwell painting. Simply breathtaking! I’m spending my free time taking pictures.

After my Michigan visit, I’m headed to Apple Hill on Highway 50. I can’t wait to see the fall leaves in my state and indulge in the tasty apple fritters, apple doughnuts and cider. Then, I’m off to the cabin to load wood for the fireplace. It’s not as much fun but certainly worth the effort. I’m very hopeful we will have plenty of snow this winter.

We have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful my father is still with us. May God continue to bless him.

As our presidential election nears (thank goodness) remember to vote. We have so much riding on the 2016 election, please do your homework and weigh your options. Not only is the presidency important, we’re choosing a senator and making decisions about local issues. We will live with the people’s choice for a very long time. So think long and hard about what you want for your children and grandchildren.

As a publisher of a newspaper, I’ve chosen not to push my views on our subscribers. My choice is my own, my ability to extract the truth about both candidates falls on my shoulders as an American citizen doing her homework. I’ve done mine, please do yours and vote your conscience. Our country is in turmoil and divided. Remember, we are one country under God with liberty and justice for all.

Our mainstream media has felt it necessary to take sides, trying to destroy each candidate. Reporting the news should be just that: reporting without bias, judgment or opinion.

My advice to the media is, do your job and let the people decide. We aren’t stupid. We are Americans, proud of our country, our forefathers, our police, our laws, our servicemen and women who fought for our freedom, independence, the Constitution and precious liberty.

God bless America

Happy Thanksgiving


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