Modesto praised for its effective use of technology


MODESTO — The city of Modesto took seventh place in the 2016 Digital Cities Survey. Cities were selected by a judging panel at the Center for Digital Government. Cities were judged on the most strategic, efficient and innovative use of public-sector tech in the nation.

Modesto was judged as the seventh best city in the 125,000 to 249,999  population category. Durham, NC was rated as the best digital city in the category.

The cities that won top marks focused on open government, open data and citizen engagement initiatives. The best cities also focused on strengthening digital infrastructure.

Modesto earned its status by deploying projects that attempt to engage citizens and boost the city’s commitment toward effective, responsive and transparent government. The city was praised for its website renovation project. The project was completed in June and now has more than 1,200 pages of content.

The renovation took nearly 30 employees working across multiple departments to update content, migrate it, review it and put it on the new content management system.

The city was also praised for its official city app that connects residents to government and allows a more responsive, agile government response to citizen needs. Modesto also has prioritized and use of social media, increasing its presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by 25 percent.

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