Turlock Chamber of Commerce changing staff structure

November 28, 2016


TURLOCK — As the new year approaches, the Turlock Chamber of Commerce is making some big changes.

As part of cost saving efforts, President and CEO Karin Moss will go from a full-time position to that of an independent contractor on Dec. 1. She will provide project management on an as needed basis.

Event coordinator Sharon Berry will remain in her position part-time. Membership Coordinator Irene Holmes will remain in a full-time role to assist members, the board and the public.

The chamber’s executive committee, led by Chair-Elect, Robert Rodarte, will take over managing the day-to-day operations.

“We are taking a hard look at our business model with the goal of becoming more cutting edge,” said Board President, Lazar Piro in a statement. “To that end, we are listening to the community and our members who, we believe, want a better value proposition that enables them to market themselves throughout the community and business to business.”

Cost cutting is a situation many chambers have found themselves in during the last few years.

“With the advent of the internet, we rarely have people calling us or coming in the door asking for business referrals.” said Moss. “To remain a viable nonprofit organization we need to operate as though we are a for-profit business and make necessary adjustments.”

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