New platform could help Valley exporters


port of stocktonSACRAMENTO — A new e-commerce platform is available to help area businesses increase overseas sales.

A free banquet discussing the Jumore platform will take place at 10 a.m., Dec. 8 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

The Jumore e-commerce platform is an international e-commerce system dealing with a full line of commodities, goods and services. It allows sellers and buyers from around the world to deal in bulk quantities of goods without going through the brokers or middlemen usually associated with such international transactions.

“It frees up business to business trade,” said Stuart James Construction Inc. Real Estate & Business Development Coordinator John Anderson. “It’s a very successful program that has involved companies from all over the world.”

Zhejiang Jumore E-commerce Co Ltd. originally developed the platform in China to help Chinese companies obtain bulk quantities of raw materials needed in manufacturing. It has now expanded to more than 60 countries.

“Jumore is linked with the Chinese government,” said Anderson. “But this is not just about China. They are involved with all kinds of world trade. It’s good spotlight for the Central Valley.”

The platform is now extending into the United States. The company expects businesses from as far as Kern County to attend the banquet.

“They have already signed up 60 companies and hope to have 120 companies,” said Anderson.

The platform allows producers that have large quantities of items, such as agricultural products, minerals or other goods to match up directly with buyers. The platform allows the companies to easily comply with the applicable trade laws of the country they are dealing in.

“One of Jumore’s greatest achievements has been to create a mutually beneficial sharing eco-system by segmenting our online platform into national, provincial and brand sections, or pavilions,” LU Hongxiang, president of Zhejiang Jumore E-commerce Co Ltd, told a summit in China, June 16. “This way, competitive industries and companies can showcase their products and resources, which helps economies, industry clusters, suppliers and companies form an economic community of interest, thus achieving the sharing of quality global resources.”

The banquet will include a detailed PowerPoint presentation and Jumore officials to help explain the details of how the platform works.

To request a free ticket to the banquet, visit Jumore’s website.



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