CSU chancellor, presidents speak out against immigration suspension

January 30, 2017


timothy whiteCalifornia State University Chancellor Timothy P. White issued a statement against President Trump’s executive order to suspend refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States.

White’s statement was endorsed by the presidents of CSUs, including Ellen Junn of Stanislaus State.

Here is the text of White’s statement:

​​The California State University is committed to being an inclusive and welcoming institution of higher education that is enhanced by the students, faculty, staff and alumni from our global community. ​

We are deeply troubled by President Trump’s recent executive order that stands in stark contrast to the fundamental tenets of the California State University. We believe in the free exchange of ideas globally, central to which is our ability to welcome and interact with those from around the world.  ​

When something threatens our ability to think beyond our borders and learn from the world as a whole, we will oppose it. When something impacts anyone in our CSU community – especially the most vulnerable – it impacts us all.  ​

Therefore, we oppose the divisiveness of the recent executive order, and we stand with state and national officials in requesting that the president reconsider this policy.

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