Powers promoted Adult Parole Operations director


Jerry Powers, 54, of Modesto, has been appointed director of the Division of Adult Parole Operations at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, according to Gov. Jerry Brown’s office.

Powers served as chief probation officer at the Los Angeles County Probation Department from 2011-15. He served in several positions at the Stanislaus County Probation Department from 2000-11, including chief probation officer, chief deputy probation officer and juvenile hall superintendent.

Powers held several positions at the San Diego County Probation Department from 1985 and 2000, including probation supervisor, senior probation officer, deputy probation officer and assistant deputy probation officer. He was a member of the California Sex Offender Management Board from 2005-15 and the California Council on Criminal Justice from 2005-09.

This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $155,652.

Powers is a Republican.


  1. Are you kidding me? The guy leaves LA County Probation after a scandal about abuse of his position, and gets appointed to a state office. Unbelievable.

  2. I guess Jerry Brown doesn’t care about nepotism or his staff failed to check it out. I hope the senate is smart enough to check before confirmation.

  3. Are you kidding me just got should be in prison for what he did as the Los Angeles county probation director.

  4. This man should be in prison he should not be able to hold any position in any probation department Jerry Brown what are you doing do you know what this clown did in Los Angeles? For those of you who don’t know he hired his own personal secretary and paid her $180,000 a year and they took trip to Mexico and she signed all of his expense reports. This is sickening. Anybody out there that can read this or hear this it should be known that these juveniles that are locked up get away with everything there is no accountability at all in the probation campus or in the juvenile hall they can spit on officers they can punch them they can curse them and they still get a snickers bar at the end of the day because we can no longer lock them up. bleeding heart liberal’s are getting what they want in California. If you are a victim of the juvenile who has done harm to you or your family rest assure they are not being punished.

  5. Fucken unbelievable! He was screwing his staff ( Renner) on county time; go on trips on county time. He would sign off on their expenses (theft); lie when he is literally asked by board of supervisors and others investigating his affairs. He is then placed under investigation and continues to lie. He Is forced to leave LA county and now gets a state position? Does anyone in our damn capitol read the LA times. Just google him. Just ask SD county …… he slept with his staff in the hall …. California does not need a dirty man like him anywhere in the criminal justice system. Senate do your job and reject this whore! He can live off his many pensions! And does NOT NEED TO BE A BURDEN on taxpayers anymore with his lies, affairs and fraud! What joke!!!!! Laura Penner should be disgusted with herself knowing HIS full background and be happy swearing him in! Shame on you -Penner too! Corruption at it’s finest! Jerry Brown wake up and get this guy away !

  6. His girlfriend was the head of HR at stanislaus county. They both left STanislaus county and went to LA. Good Riddance

  7. Lol. Soon Parole will be run by underqualified women who have GED certificates.

    Smooth move Jerry Brown. This ones a sinker.


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