Manteca woman arrested on charges of burglary, identity theft of Lodi property management company


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A Manteca woman who previously served time in federal prison for embezzling more than $500,00 is now accused of burglarizing a Lodi company and stealing identities of employees.

Catherine Ann Blewett was arrested Friday on allegations of burglary and identity theft, and is currently being held in the Lodi City Jail on $1 million bail.

Catherine Blewett
Catherine Blewett

In July of 2013, Blewett – who goes by several similar aliases – was hired by Lodi-based RPM Company, a property management firm, as the company’s human resources manager. She later left her position in December of 2016, according to the court documents.

After Blewett’s departure, it was discovered a company laptop was missing and a Dropbox folder containing RPM employee information was found on a company computer. The Dropbox folder contained “personal identifying information belonging to some of the company’s 180 employees, including information regarding their 401k retirement plans,” the court documents read.

It was revealed that Blewett, 49, had applied for the job with a driver’s license and Social Security number belonging to Jessica J. Lopez of San Leandro, exposing Lopez to the creation of false tax reporting liabilities. Lopez denied knowing Blewett, and she has filed a police report in the matter.

During an investigation of Blewett’s home, the missing laptop was found. Also, a PG&E bill belonging to an RPM employee was found. The bill was altered to show Blewett’s husband’s name. Other documents containing Lopez’s name were found during the investigation.

According to San Joaquin County Court documents, Catherine Ann Blewett has been charged with second degree burglary, false personation of another, grand theft of personal property and an intent to defraud, acquire and retain possession of personal identifying information of another person.

The documents also show this isn’t the first time Blewett has been in trouble with the law. Under the former name of Catherine Ann McMurry, Blewett was sentenced to prison by San Joaquin Superior Court in 2008 for embezzlement of $57,000 from Pacific Coast Industries of Tracy where she previously worked as a human resources manager. She was also convicted in federal court for embezzlement of $575,639.85 from the Zomax Company of Fremont. Under the last name of McMurry, Blewett has other convictions in Hayward, Livermore and Stockton going back to 1988.

The Lodi Police Department requests that anyone with further information about Blewett, or her alias of Cathy McMurry, should call Detective Adam Lockie at (209) 334-5610.

Blewett is currently being held on $1 million in bail. A court date is pending.


Blewett made an appearance in court on Monday, April 17, to agree to a plea deal. She agreed to plead guilty to false personation of another. All other charges were dismissed. Penal code 529 carries a minimum sentencing of probation up to a maximum of three years in prison.

Blewett requested to be released until the sentencing hearing on May 22 at the San Joaquin County Superior Courthouse in Stockton. She was denied and will be held until she is sentenced.



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