CEO of BAC joins community bankers in meeting with Trump

President Donald Trump speaks to an audience of community bankers during ICBA’s 2017 Capital Summit.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – BAC Community Bank CEO William R. Trezza is one of more than 100 bankers meeting with President Donald Trump this week about community banking.

The Independent Community Bankers of America are meeting with the president and other administration officials at the White House for the 2017 ICBA Capital Summit. More than 1,000 community bankers gathered at the capitol to discuss the issues faced by local banks.

Community banks, such as BAC Community Bank, come together during the summit to advocate on the part of local banks to make lending and business easier to conduct.

William R. Trezza

“BAC Community Bank was deeply honored to be invited to attend today’s historic meeting, where the president reiterated his support for community banking,” Trezza said in a statement. “BAC Community Bank is proud to be in Washington this week to advocate on behalf of our industry so we can continue to serve our community and be a powerful job creator and economic engine right here in the Central Valley and Delta region.”

The ICBA has created a “Plan for Prosperity” which focuses on a pro-growth platform to eliminate regulatory issues that can inhibit lending or job creation.

Chairman of ICBA Scott Heitkamp said community banks are dedicated to helping the local economy with job growth by serving consumers and small businesses.

“Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all regulations are preventing community banks from lending and promoting prosperity at the local level,” Heitkamp said in a statement. He said ICBA wants to work with the president, his administration and Congress to create reforms that will help community banks in their goals.

In the meeting with President Trump, the bankers presented him with a red ballcap emblazoned with the words “Make Community Banking Great Again.”

BAC Community bank operates 11 branch offices throughout San Joaquin, Stanislaus and eastern Contra Costa counties and is identified as “one of the strongest financial institutions in the nation” by BauerFinancial, Inc.


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