Supervisors appoint new commissioners for Health Plan of San Joaquin


Health Plan of San Joaquin welcomes three new faces to its governing board.

It was announced May 9 that George M. Khoury, MD, Miguel Villapudua and Tom Patti will be joining two reappointed commissioners, Frank “Larry” Ruhstaller and Michael Herrera, DO.

George Khoury, MD

The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors made the appointments.

“Part of continuing strength is the combination of public servants, community representatives and local physicians who come together and serve on the commission,” San Joaquin County Director of Health Care Services Greg Diederich said in a statement. Diederich is the chair of the HPSJ’s governing board, San Joaquin Health Commission.

Villapudua and Patti are both county supervisors from District 1 and District 3, respectively.

Khoury, past president of the San Joaquin Medical Society, is a delegate from the society to the governing board.

Miguel Villapudua

“As county supervisors who are very active in the community, having Migeul Villapudua and Tom Patti join the governing board provides even more capacity for us to listen to our communities and our members,” Diederich said. “Having Dr. Khoury bring his long medical experience here in San Joaquin County, and his deep commitment to public-private-community partnerships that serve the well-being of our local social fabric, is an added blessing.”


Tom Patti


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