Cal/OSHA urges companies to keep workers cool


Temperatures are expected to soar into the 100-degree range over the next week. And not every occupation has the benefit of an air-conditioned office.

Accuweather, a private weather forecasting service, has shown the heat spiking at 110 degrees on June 21, the beginning of summer. The heat wave will continue for the next 10 days, eventually falling into the 90-degree range, and then dropping further by the end of the month.

Cal/OSHA has issued a statement urging employers to make sure workers exposed to the heat are protected from the high temps.

“California rules are very clear on how employers must protect their workers from heat illness,” said Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum in a statement. “Our goal is to prevent deaths and serious illnesses and injuries by exposure to heat.”

As temperatures break the 95-degree mark, employers must implement heat protection procedures, such as a mandatory buddy system. Coworkers can keep an eye on their colleagues, checking for signs of heat illness.

Cal/OSHA requires workers to be trained in recognizing symptoms of heat-related illness. Employees who might be new to working outdoors are regarded as particularly at-risk due to not being properly acclimated to the extreme temperatures.

Across the region, many municipalities provide cooling stations for citizens to take advantage of when the heat index skyrockets. Malls, movie theaters and other public areas are designated by various cities as escapes from the hot weather.

Cal/OSHA provides free assistance to employers to help keep workers safe. Contact the organization at (800) 963-9424 to learn more about keeping employees cool and healthy.


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