Transit district unveils first all-electric bus route in nation


STOCKTON — The San Joaquin Regional Transit District will convert one of its routes to zero-emissions.

On August 18, RTD announced it will change its Bus Rapid Transit Express Route 44 to an all-electric, zero-emission bus line this month. The agency said it’s the first of its kind in the U.S.

Route 44 extends from RTD’s downtown transit center down to Qantas Lane near the Stockton Airport. The route will provide a quick, cost-saving commute to those who work in places like Dorfman Pacific, San Joaquin County Office of Education and other businesses located in the area.

“We at RTD are proud of our history of commitment to clean energy initiatives,” said Donna DeMartino, CEO of RTD. “With the nation’s first all-electric BRT route, RTD and Stockton are now leading the charge in providing safe, efficient, reliable and exceptionally clean transportation to people who live and work in South Stockton.”

According to RTD, electric buses can travel up to 40 miles or for two hours on a single charge, and it takes about 10 minutes to fully charge a bus completely.

Each bus costs about $850,000, which are purchased with grant money. A second all-electric route is planned beginning in January of 2018.

The transit district’s board of directors will be asked to pass a resolution to declare its intent to convert to 100-percent electric, zero-emission buses on all routes by 2025.



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