Blue Diamond receives award for 2M safety hours


SALIDA — Blue Diamond Growers manufacturing plant has been honored with the Million Work Hours Award by the National Safety Council.

The award is given to companies that reach 1 million work hours without injury or illness related to the workplace. Blue Diamond’s Salida plant reached 2 million hours. It employs 558 workers.

In addition to the Million Work Hours Award, the plant received Blue Diamond’s Safety Excellence Award.

“These accomplishments demonstrate the dedication of hundreds of Salida team members,” said Brian Barczak, senior vice president of Global Manufacturing Operations for Blue Diamond Growers, in a statement. “These awards recognize the hard work and successful efforts by our Blue Diamond team members to support and drive a zero-harm culture.”

According to Blue Diamond, the company trains its employees to identify and prevent any safety risks they may encounter. The Salida plant is touted as the largest almond receiving station in the world. It can receive up to 5.5 million pounds per day.

“Ensuring the safety of our more than 1,500 employees is the highest priority in all Blue Diamond’s operations,” said President and CEO Mark Jansen. “Less than half a percent of manufacturing facilities this size have achieved this milestone.”



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