City of Tracy may allow delivery-only marijuana dispensaries


Medical cannabis dispensaries could be coming to Tracy. The City Council met on Dec. 5 to discuss the addition of two delivery-only dispensaries within city limits, after the passing of Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

The dispensaries would be delivery-only operations, meaning no storefronts within Tracy would exist, and the businesses would be highly regulated by the City of Tracy.

“These regulations are still being developed and may include background checks for employees of these businesses and submission of security plans,” said a representative from the city.

All proposed regulations would be presented to City Council during a public meeting.

Staff is working to prepare an ordinance to get the ball rolling on medical cannabis businesses and expects to have one prepared for the Council in March of 2018.

The city is working within its rights on these matters as part of Prop 64 included provisions for cities and counties to develop their own regulations for dispensaries within their jurisdiction.

Come November 2018, residents of Tracy will be able to vote on the addition of a tax on commercial cannabis activity within the city after council members agreed to add it to the November ballot.

Until an ordinance is approved, all commercial medical and adult-use cannabis activity is prohibited in Tracy. This includes manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, testing and any other cannabis activity licensed by the State.


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