Area hospital recognized for IT excellence


Valley Children’s Hospital is making strides in how it uses technology to better its services, and the Healthcare Information and Management System Society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality, safety, affordability and access, has taken notice.

Valley Children’s in Madera was one of five healthcare networks in the nation awarded the designation of “Best Hospital IT Departments” by the American organization.

The hospital’s predictive analytics, telehealth and security were among chief reasons for the award.

In a press release, Valley Children’s President and CEO Todd Suntrapak said the department’s “dedication to excellence has given all of us the tools we need to provide the outstanding level of care to the children and families we serve. Caring for kids is a team effort and technology continues to allow us to build strong relationships with our patients, their families and their local caregivers so we can deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality of care those children deserve.”

The team at Valley Children’s agreed it is the dedication to children’s health that sets them apart. Regardless of an ability to pay, every decision is made with the goal of bettering a child’s life.

The IT team, made up of 89 employees, designs infrastructure to support the physicians and other staff that treat patients directly. Security to keep the data the IT department collects safe is a priority.

Telemedicine, the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients including those who are critically ill, is offered to patients within 30 minutes or 30 miles of the facility.

The work Valley Children’s Hospital does, including the treatment of a large percentage of children on Medicaid, is important, and to expand its reach, the hospital will open two more branches — one in Bakersfield and another currently under construction in Modesto.

This award isn’t the first the hospital’s tech department has received. Earlier this year, Valley Children’s was recognized as one of the “Most Wired” healthcare networks by the American Hospital Association (AHA), according to results of the 19th Annual Health Care’s Most Wired survey.

“It’s been a year of well-deserved acknowledgments and I could not be more proud of Valley Children’s ITS division,” Suntrapak said.


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