Rabobank expands no-fee ATMs in Central Valley


One of the quickest ways to rack up bank charges is to use ATMs that charge transaction fees. Rabobank, headquartered in California, is helping CV residents forgo unnecessary charges by expanding its no-fee ATM locations for members.

In San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties there are approximately 115 no-fee Rabobank ATMs, not counting the machines at Rabobank branches.

“It’s a convenience factor for our customers,” said Gregory Jones, senior vice president and corporate communications director at Rabobank, N.A. “In town or while visiting rural or urban communities, our customers will appreciate knowing they have more options for withdrawing cash without having to pay for it.”

Rabobank is a nationally chartered bank serving California communities grounded in agriculture.

The perk was made possible by a partnership with Allpoint, the world’s largest surcharge-free ATM network.

To take advantage, users need to have a Rabobank Visa Debit Card. When used, there will be no fees charged for withdrawing cash at all 3,500 California ATMs as well as more than 40,000 locations nationwide.

“Our customers will continue to incur no fees when using ATMs owned and operated by Rabobank,” Jones said.

To find the nearest ATM, use Rabobank’s search tool — www.rabobankamerica.com/Locations — many of which are located inside retail stores.

Allpoint Network ATMs are also available in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia, however these are subject to international fees for U.S. users.

“With 100 branches and our own ATMs across California to serve you in your community, we’re often nearby,” Keven Gray, director of retail banking for Rabobank N.A. said in a press release. “When we’re not, you shouldn’t have to pay for withdrawing your own cash. Expanding no-fee access to ATMs gives our customers easier access to their cash when they need it.”


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