Happy New Year! May you thrive and prosper!


Looking back on 2017, we see so much that has happened.

The housing market is rebounding, the tax bill passed, the economy is growing steadily and the stock market has broken 70 records (as of this 15column), not to mention all the shake-ups in Washington, DC, that are quite amazing. That’s just a brief glimpse! This has me looking forward to the new year.

Last year was a personally challenging year for me. “Onward and upward” is my motto moving forward. Christmas wasn’t the same without my father, but having both of my sons home for the holidays helped take the sting out.

Our company Christmas party was a big success; it was nice to see so many clients, friends and family! There were 165 people who showed up, and we kicked off the season in style. It may take me until April to put away all the decorations.

As for Christmas Day, I finally cooked my first prime rib dinner. Much to my amazement, it turned out pretty good! I Googled the recipe, followed the instructions to a tee and bang! Dinner for eight! As for desert, I stopped by Apple Hill on the way home from the cabin and bought two frozen pies, baked them for 30 minutes. They were delicious! It’s well worth it to take a day trip up to Apple Hill, if only to get the pies.

Eric, my youngest son, opened his new drone present, and now I have complete footage of the farm. What an amazing gadget! My eldest son Blake put on the 3D headset and fought bad guys in front of the TV. It was hilarious to watch. As sad as I was to see Blake return to duty in Honolulu, I was excited to get the Christmas decorations put away and gear-up for the New Year.

This year, I spent New Year’s in Michigan, which might have proven to be a wrong decision. The weather is about 14 degrees during the day in January, and it’s minus one degree overnight. There’s snow, too! Dinner, a hot fire and watching the ball drop on television at Times Square, was my late-night celebration. I can’t say I miss the weather in Michigan, I do miss my friends and family, though.

A big “Thank You” to all of our loyal readers, advertisers and subscribers! We are launching our new website in January, so make sure to visit cvbizjournal.com to check out the fantastic new look. Congratulations to Rich Matheson, our creative director, who really knocked the redesigned site out of the park.

Don’t forget: the Book of Lists publishes in March, so make sure to reserve your space today! I’m looking forward to a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year 2018,
God Bless America,
Sharon Alley Calone


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