Replacement heifer sale application deadline approaches

A young girl stands with a heifer at the Stanislaus County Fair.

The Stanislaus County Fair is months off; preparations, however, are already underway.

Fair officials announced the deadline for replacement heifer applications would be Feb. 21. Applications can be dropped off on Feb. 20-21, from 2-6 p.m. either day.

For those not in the know, a replacement heifer is a cow used for breeding purposes. Quality replacement heifers are desired to increase and ensure value of the herd over time.

They are selected on the basis of weight per day of age, performance in nutrition, health, maternal pedigree, sexual maturity, frame size and soundness and visual appraisal. 

“A buyer will want to purchase a replacement heifer in hopes that a replacement heifer will become a fertile cow that produces a calf, annually, for a long time,” explained Adrenna B. Alkhas, Marketing and Communication Director for the Stanislaus County Fair, in a press release.

Families who raise livestock or are a part of Future Farmers of America can show their replacement heifers at the fair on opening day — July 13. The deadline applies to both one-year projects and the second year of a two-year project selling at the fair.

A time-honored tradition, the Annual Replacement Heifer Sale will be celebrating its fifty-first year.

“It is one of our significant sales for our livestock department,” Alkhas said.


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