Road widening project scheduled for completion in Tracy

A mile of Corral Hollow Road in Tracy recently underwent a widening project with a budget of $9.2 million.

A road widening project which began in May 2017 is scheduled to come to a finish on Feb. 12.

The Corral Hollow Road Widening Project, which includes widening of North Corral Hollow Road between Grant Line and Byron roads, increased the size of the road from four lanes to six. It also saw an upgrade of existing sanitary sewer pipelines between Fieldview Drive and Interstate 205.

“After nine months of construction, we’re excited to fully re-open North Corral Hollow Road,” said Paul Verma, senior civil engineer in Tracy. “Expanding this stretch of road from four to six lanes will improve traffic flow, safety and drive times for motorists.”

The $9.2 million project came in within the timeline and under budget, according to the City of Tracy. Beginning in March, traffic counts will be taken to program traffic lights based on the amount of travel.

The project is one of 25 different infrastructure improvements being made in the city.

For more about projects in Tracy and throughout the Central Valley, pick up a copy of the February issue.


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