Warm weather, stopping crime and new additions


Hooray! It’s finally warming up!

Time to plant gardens, replace old hoses and pull the summer wardrobe out from the back of the closet!

It figures I’m going to Hawaii when the Valley weather is heating up, but I’m so blessed to be spending Easter in Hawaii with my son and niece.

I’d like to share a story with you about young man that decided to take measures into his own hands. Two weeks ago, a local McDonald’s restaurant in Stockton was being held up by four men. The concerned young man witnessed the four men fleeing the scene, and he decided he needed to take action.

Three days earlier this young man had been a victim of a home robbery, and he wasn’t going to stand by and watch any more criminal behavior without doing something about it. The young man pursed the robbers, watching them flee the scene on foot. He gave chase by car. As they got in their car and drove away. he followed closely while calling 9-1-1.

He gave his location, and eventually the Stockton police officers caught up with the young man (several miles from the scene).

The young man directed them to the robbers, pointing out their vehicle. I’m thrilled that a concerned citizen would take the personal risk to help in the apprehension of these criminals. This is a prime example of our citizens protecting their city and assisting the police in a doing their jobs. It takes a village.

I’m saddened by the loss of my friend Frank Alegre, the man who started Frank C. Alegre Trucking in Lodi. Frank and his wife, Helen, started the company in 1963, passing ownership to son Tony in 2000.

Frank started the company with one truck. One! Now, anywhere you go on our Central Valley highways, you’ll see the iconic green Alegre trucks hauling all manner of products. They’ve also grown to the point of employing 200 people. Talk about hard work paying off.

Sherriff Steve Moore

The Central Valley Business Journal is proud to announce our endorsement of Sheriff Steve Moore. Steve is a loyal servant to San Joaquin County and he does an outstanding job. We are extremely excited he has again chosen to run for re-election. Thank you for your service Sheriff Moore!

Exciting news for Stockton with Amgen returning this year. Expect us to be there to cover the event and all the excitement that comes along with it. Congratulations, Stockton!

Most readers probably already know about this, but I’m happy to share it again: We welcome Melinda Lutz as our office administrator. It’s a role that Melinda has taken on with energy and enthusiasm. She has a wealth of experience in office management, and her efforts are already starting to pay off.

Just a reminder, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the 2017 Book of Lists, there are still some available at our Stockton office. Come on by and grab yours today!

Happy Easter,
God Bless America,
Sharon Alley Calone


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